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Vienna is among the best cities to choose for paid sex because of the many sex bars, strip clubs, FKKs, laufhauses and other similar establishments that operate legally. Even though we here at Sex Bar Vienna might prefer those types of establishments, we have had our fair share of experiences when it comes to escort agencies in Vienna too. We know the importance of choosing the right agency for an escort date and we are here to help!

In this post, we are going to write about some of our recommendations when it comes to agencies for escort bookings in Wien. Our experiences with the listed agencies have been positive in the past, but doing further research about them is advised. After all, there are many reviews and reports online about the agencies that we are going to write about.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our recommendations when it comes to the top escort agencies in Vienna!

Escort Girls Vienna (EGV)

Escort Girls Vienna EGV escort agency in Vienna review

Escort Girls Vienna is the official escort agency of Maxim Wien and Bar Schönbrunn. Maxim is one of the last standing traditional sex bars in Vienna with a high reputation. Since both of these establishments are reputable places, their escort agency is also on par with that.

When I think of a reliable escort agency, Escort Girls Vienna is among the first ones that come to mind. This is a high-class agency that has been in the escort business for quite a few years now, so they have more than enough experience for us to recommend them. Additionally, there are numerous positive reports online about the agency and the girls that work there.

The girl lineup is regularly being updated with new escort ladies and their photos. Since its a reputable place, the girls and the photos they use are all real. The agency’s website is intuitive and organized. You will find all the necessary information like the pricing, the different services offered by the girls, as well as their contact information.

If you wish to read more about this agency, be sure to read our Escort Girls Vienna Review.

Bijou Escort

Bijou Escort is another recommendation in the high class tied of escort agencies. Much like our previous entry, this is also a business with many years of experience and numerous satisfied customers.  

The Bijou website looks and feels professional and you can easily locate any information that you need. The girls have their own profiles with interesting facts about them, as well as high quality photos. Since it is a reputable agency, the photos and girls that are advertised on the site are 100% real.

One of the specialties of the agency is the special services that they are offering. They provide traditional airport or hotel escort bookings, but they also specialize in candlelight dates, couple escort, bachelor parties and more. The agency has girls who are better suited for some things than others, so be sure to ask the agency’s recommendations when it comes to particular services too.

Both Escort Girls Vienna and Bijou are considered to be high class escort agencies. What this means is that the price that you have to pay here is a bit steeper, but the service and beauty level of the girls is higher as well. Being safe and ensuring a good time is always worth the extra in our opinion.

If you want to read more about this escort agency, be sure to read our Bijou Escort review.

Bijou Escort Service

Köllnerhofgasse 4/27, 1010 Wien, Austria

+43 699 103 065 21

Darling Wien is an agency that offers escort bookings in a large price range. The agency has been operational for a couple of years and they received mixed reviews online. Since some of the girls on the site are offering cheap escort services, naturally not all bookings go according to how the client planned it. Because of this, there have been some “not-so-great” reviews left on different forums and the agency’s website too.

The Darling Wien website looks decently and it is definitely showing enough information to potential clients; maybe even too much. You can find descriptions about the girls and the services that they are offering, reviews and much more. By the look, feel and structure of the site, this seems to be an SEO optimization endeavor, and a good one at that. Of course, SEO isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about premium escort services, so it seems they are going the tech route rather than design or classy visuals.

The escort experience at this agency solely depends on the girl you choose. We highly advise you to do some research and read a few reviews about a particular girl before you go through with the booking.

If you want to read more about this agency, be sure to read our Darling Wien Review.

Fun Girls Escort

The last escort agency on our list of the recommended ones in Vienna is Fun Girls ( This agency has also been in the business for some time now, but they are not as reputable as the other agencies on our list.

The reason why we decided to include Fun Girls on the list too is because this is one of the last traditional Viennese agencies still on the market today. Most of the Austrian owned escort agencies have been pushed out by the cheap Romanian providers, but Fun Girls is still going strong. Of course, most of the time the girl lineup here is identical to what you would find on all other Romanian escort sites, but at least Fun Girls has a few Austrian ladies, or so they claim.

Much like with Darling Wien, we highly recommend doing research on a certain girl before actually booking her. Since most of the ladies who you find here can be found on other cheap escort sites too, there’s the possibility of running into a bad escort date. It is always a good idea to read reviews and reports before making a booking.


Having an escort date can be a lot of fun, but the quality of it depends on the agency and the escort girl that you choose to book. We know from experience how bad an escort date can get, so make sure to choose a recommended escort agency. Any of the agencies that we have listed should suffice, but as we have written before, you should do your own research too.

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