Why Vienna’s Downtown Is an Amazing Place to Visit

Vienna’s downtown includes mostly the first district, called the Innere Stadt in German. This is the Old Town which is now part of the world heritage. Innere Stadt is the main destination of tourism of Vienna due to the history and the great number of sights that can be seen there.

Probably the most important one is the Hofburg imperial palace which was the winter residence of the Habsburg dynasty, the monarch of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now it is home to the official residence of the Austrian president.

Albertina is the museum with the world’s largest printing room and contains approximately 65,000 drawings, 1 million graphic works, photographs, architectural drawings and old master prints. It displays a great number of works of the most influential impressionists of the 20th century.

Naturhistorisches Museum displays the earliest artifacts and is known internationally.

The Burgtheater which was established in the first half of the 18th century is now the Austrian National Theatre and one of the most important German Language Theatres.

Vienna State Opera is also located in Innere Stadt and dates back to the middle of the 1800s. Now it’s related to the Vienna Philharmonic and a major center of European Opera. The building also hosts the Vienna Opera Ball which is an international event and is held every year with great success.

Vienna’s downtown is also a very important center of the European religious life, locating several churches, such as Maria am Gestade, Stephansdom, Lutheran City Church, St. Peter’s Church etc.
Vergilius Chapel next to the Stephansdom is an underground crypt and have approximately 800-year long history when influential Viennese families used it as a burial place.

The Graben is amongst Vienna’s oldest streets dating back to the Middle Ages. Several wonderful, authentic Viennese buildings can be found there and the street is also used as a festival site.

The Innere Stadt is the center of Viennese official individuals and buildings. The city council and the mayor both seat in the building of Rathaus, which is now under renovation and planned to be finished by 2023.


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