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If you look for paid sex in Vienna, you have the chance to find forums online, where you can find experiences about the nightlife of the Austrian capital.

International Sex Guide is a forum where you will find topics on sex categorized by countries involving the entire globe. If you click on “Austria”, the “Main Forum Thread” provides you reliable info including classified ads. This is a fairly interesting section as there are lots of advertisements with photos of girls, their short introductions and in most cases, URLs to their own personal profil photos of escort girls are also provided. In the “User Threads” section you’ll find the names of Austria’s largest cities, where the most vivid nightlife is available. Of course the most popular destination is Vienna, the capital. Clicking on the city name, different posts will be open, where visitors talk about places, services and girls.

The Sex-Vienna Forums are also a great way to get information about sex in Vienna. All of the threads are in English and they are neatly categorized according to what the thread is about. The forum is easy to navigate and has threads about sex bars, escort agencies, laufhauses, studios and individual girls. You can also find various topics about news articles and posts about sex in other countries. This is a fairly new forum that has recently been updated from a mediocre to an organized one. It is also fully dedicated to the English speaking demographic, unlike the Huren and the Erotikforum.

Another detailed forum is Huren Test Forum which can be useful for visitors though some knowledge in German will be required as several posts are written in that language.

I have to notice that quite many sites on sex in Austria are written in German, so if you are a foreigner and don’t speak German, your possibilities are a bit limited to find relevant info in English. You will find posts on this forum in both languages. also seems to be a quite detailed site with various topics but it’s for those visitors who have really good German as you don’t have the opportunity to change the language.
All these sites provide relevant information about different places services and girls, so they are definitely worth visiting when you are about to pay for sex, whether you are in Vienna or other bigger cities.

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