Whats the Difference Between Hiring Legal and Illegal Prostitutes?

Legal prostitution

When you want to screw a prostitute somewhere in Europe, you should be aware of whether you can do it legally or not.  Some countries such as Austria, Germany, the Netherlands or Switzerland have made paid sex legal. Although it is strictly ruled by the authorities.

In the countries mentioned above, there are different institutes established where sex bar workers can pursue their profession legally. You will find studios, sauna clubs, massage parlours, laufhauses, sex bars etc.

Why it’s advantageous?

With the legalization of prostitution a lot of inconveniences can be avoided. In a country where prostitution is legal, there is for someone to be involved in human trafficking. And if a prostitute can work by her own free will, she can’t be forced into human trafficking or worst, human slavery. If a girl works in a sex bar she can leave whenever she wants. So, crime is reduced by giving this chance to prostitutes. Thus, violation against women is decreasing.

Furthermore, as there is mentioned before, because sexual services are regulated the prostitutes have to go through regular medical checkups. For this reason, sexually transmitted diseases have become rarer, than in those territories where selling “love” is still illegal.

Moreover legal prostitution is made a legitimate business as sex workers are tax payers just like in any other occupation. In the Netherland there is a well-known Red Light District in Amsterdam.  While in many countries institutionalized sex work is legal, pimping is strictly punished. If they are caught, they have to face the law.


Illegal prostitution

In those countries where prostitution is considered illegal, it is because it is considered a form of exploitation of women and it has to be punished harshly. The situation is even more serious in countries where child prostitutes are forced to work. Sex with people under the age of 18 is strictly punished in most of the countries.


Paid sex above 18 it’s probably better to be made legal and ruled by the government and other authorities.

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