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Austria Made Same-Sex Marriage Legal

People are becoming more and more open about sexuality all over the world. Many countries see that there is no real logical obstacle in permitting gay marriage. Which is why the trend of legalizing same-sex marriage became a trend that more than a dozen countries have followed. It’s interesting when you think about it because the Netherlands was the first among them. They legalized same-sex unions in 2001, and now the rest of the world have joined. This year, Austria became one of them as well. They have finally legalized same-sex unions.

Austria had a law for preventing same-sex couples from marriage. This law was active until December 14, 2017, the day when it got nullified. A new law took its place on December 31, 2018. This change was brought about by two women who wanted to get married but couldn’t. Even though they were registered in the civil partnership, they were denied the opportunity to marry by Viennese authorities. But starting this year, both lesbian and gay couples are permitted to marry in a civil ceremony.

Quick Info: With the recent changes taking place Vienna will be the city to hold the EuroPride event in 2019! Read more about it here:

Countries that Didn’t Follow

Even Germany has legalized same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships but not marriage. Not every country in the world shares such liberal views. In fact, many Eastern European countries strongly deny same-sex marriage. These are countries like Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Poland. These places definitely give same-sex couples a hard time and it doesn’t look like they will change any time soon.


Vienna has gone through an unexpected change this year. You’ll be seeing plenty of same-sex marriages pretty soon! Do you have any opinions you would like to share about this? Do you support the decision? Tell us in the comments below!

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