What Surprises Sex Robots Are Holding For Us

What Surprises Sex Robots Are Holding For Us

Artificial Intelligence this, AI that. It’s heard all over tech and mech use, and it still didn’t find its way to your local sex shop. Well, it’s just that the news share unintelligible information which is easier said and taken misconstrued than done. The matters are in the hands of the Japanese, peaceful people that have their dark sides, as we now notice. There’s a factory named X Doll which produces sex dolls stuffed with artificial flesh, which is called fleshlight (dolls). It sounds like, but it’s completely different, since it’s not real flesh we’re talking about, nonsense! The dolls are inbound, huddled up in a pack, ready for defragmenting so that the scientists and workers test out their capabilities.

They start out with the head solely, which is remotely controlled by a joystick. Yes, a joystick. It has limited movement since it’s the head of a body, it only has neural implants in the eyes, eyelids, nose, and lips. And of course, the cheeks are being hauled with every moment. Obviously, the expressions are sex-related, orgasmic and quite realistic. Note that the sex dolls are anime-inspired, so the robots resemble anime characters from cartoons rather than real humans. It makes it even kinkier! It’s the verge of sanity, I tell you. After the engineer or scientist or whatever the guy in the lab coat is, was done with the head tests, he done a brief showcase of a completely finished robot, dressed in a business outfit, with a straight wig, a suit, shirt underneath it, mini-skirt, stocking, heels – top to bottom covered.

Next up was the head and the shoulders, upgraded version of the sole head, with more realistic movements that include the torsion of the shoulder muscles, as well as the head movement at a greater extent. Your creed in AI is insufficient, the orgasmic gestures are totally ripped off from human behavior! In addition, this upgraded version can be controlled from a smartphone, probably the companies official app. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the robot reacts to you boob-squeezing it, in a very sexual manner.

Quick Info: VICE has published an awesome video and article about how these robots are made. Check it out here: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/d3wp5q/heres-how-sex-robots-are-made

The Best Part

But wait, there’s more story behind this near-impossible, unassailable achievement we reached for as mankind. Prior to the flesh construction, there are molds being scrubbed by workers so that the flash sits on top of it at ease, without getting stuck and jammed. When the body flesh is done, without the head, it transports to an isolated compartment where all the bodies are hanged on a rail beyond them, cuffed by the necks. It seems that the blissful shine they create was got from dipping them in some special lubricants, which later help the worker which in specialized uniform goes with a rotating cutter, used to smooth the unevenness. All of the robot’s body parts are independent of the rest of the body, you’ve got the right and left hand, right and left leg, torso, butt, head, and that’s it I think. They’re all stored in the warehouse area of the factory, being cleaned regularly for maximum upkeep.

All of the robots fleshlight is featured in numerous of shapes and sizes you can choose from – even the boobs measurements are different to each body! Retailers, get ready for a mass of people hurdling towards the shop doors, registering more prospective customers than the farce over Apple products! Sex robots are not the future – they’re slowly embedding into our lives – they’re the present now!

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