Unusual Sex doll brothel located in Freiberg am Neckar

Unusual Sex doll brothel located in Freiberg am Neckar

Sex dolls represent a new trend and this topic is no longer a taboo. Freiberg am Neckar is a German city and there is a sex bar where the girls are different from any other prostitutes. You probably wonder why is this brothel so unusual and the answer is very simple: the girls are not real, they are sex dolls. This location is designed to meet the needs of the customers who want to have sexual experiences with dolls. For those who want to have this type of sexual experience, it is important to know that they have to make an appointment. Hygiene is very important and after each sexual contact, the dolls are cleaned and disinfected.

Local authorities are puzzled when it comes to this sex bar

The legislation is unclear, so the controlling institutions have contacted the owner and gave him a deadline in order to provide information about his business and its type of activity. It is the first time the authorities face this issue. The idea of a brothel with sex dolls is unique and maybe this is the reason for the confusion. A simple shop that sells sex dolls is not a problem. The fact that the clients can have sex with the dolls is the detail that puzzles the authorities. Sex is sold for money and this is forbidden in that area of Germany. This aspect may lead to the closure of the sex doll brothel. The local authorities are still trying to clarify the situation and identify what type of establishment it is.

Is this type of sex a real one?

The unique feature of this sex bar and the fact that you can have sex with dolls has started many debates. Many people consider this location inappropriate and others believe that anyone can enjoy this type of brothel if they have that kind of sexual desires. There are many opinions related to this location and some voices say that having sex with a doll is not even real sex and this business should be closed. Another point of view is that anyone can explore the diversified types of sexuality. This brothel has certainly sparked controversy among people, but this can turn into a success because many people have become curious.


Fitting this brothel into a suitable business category – from a legal point of view – can be a real challenge for the owner. Taking into consideration that prostitution is not legalized in that area, the competent authorities may shut down the business if it is classified as a brothel or sex bar. Freiberg am Neckar is the city that made the first step in this domain, but the future of the brothel is uncertain at this time due to its legal issues. Sex dolls certainly represent the fantasies of many people, so we will keep you up to date with more information and news about this unconventional location.

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