Unusual Caribbean Sex Island Vacation

Unusual Caribbean Sex Island Vacation

The special ingredients of this unusual “Sex Island” are the women, alcohol, drugs and sex. The organizer of this sexual heaven is Good Girls Co. and the experience is unique. According to some information, for 6000 dollars, 30 men can enjoy a holiday, together with 60 prostitutes on this exotic island.

One of the benefits of this exciting offer is that each man is accompanied by two beautiful girls with whom he can have limitless sex. Another interesting detail is that the men can change their prostitutes in order to have sex with a lot of different girls. The experienced girls are open-minded and they can accomplish every desire of the customers. This “holiday sex-pack” includes also meals, astonishing parties on a yacht and hot prostitutes who are there to make your dreams come true.

The beginning of this sex island

The idea was brought up in 2017 when Good Girls Co. posted an incredible clip on YouTube. This video has created a lot of controversies through its content. Because of this reason, it was removed by the YouTube’s administrators. Through this video, the organizers wanted to promote their “Sex Island” and the crazy parties that are organized in this sexual paradise. This year, the event will be organized between 14- 18 of December and the participants will live unforgettable moments. For confidentiality reasons, the exact location of this event is secret. The only public detail is that the party will be organized in the Caribbean, on an island of Colombia, far from people’s curiosity. The Colombian representatives are surprised because they didn’t expect to this unusual type of tourism. In 2017, Colombian Authorities mentioned that all the persons who will go to Colombia for this “sex trip” will be arrested. The organizers found a solution and they will set up the event on a private island where everything is accepted.

Different points of view about Sex Island

This subject created a lot of controversies and debates. There are many persons who consider that this event isn’t a good idea if we discuss about morality. On the other hand, there are people who say that anyone can do anything as long as nobody suffers. There are a lot men interested to buy a ticket to the Sex Island and they consider this idea a good one because they can spend a great time. The only known information about the girls is their number and the fact that they can be changed between the clients. The aspect that can be easily understood is that people feel the need to have fun and the Sexual Island can be the best solution in order to satisfy their hidden desires. Even though this event and the things that happen on the island are questionable, this is a reality and whoever is interested can buy a ticket. In 2017, this event had a massive success and, for sure, this year the situation is expected to be the same.


A major negative aspect of this event is that there are people who don’t agree and who say that this immoral event should be immediately stopped. The reality is that Sex Island had a huge success and for sure there will be a lot of persons who will try to organize similar events in the future. This idea is only at the beginning and maybe in the next period this kind of sexual events will be just another way to spend your holiday.

Which is your opinion about this kind of events? Do you agree or do you consider this idea an immoral one? Have you ever thought about this kind of party? Sex Island is for sure an interesting experience and the only thing we can do for the moment is to see how things will evolve. If you want to learn more about the situation, be sure to check out this SexClubWien article about it!

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