These Recent Events Have Left Sex Bar Visitors Speechless

These Recent Events Have Left Sex Bar Visitors Speechless

A sex bar has always been a place with a lot of color and character, where the girls spice up our lives with their hot looks and unique personalities. Sex bars aren’t just places for fulfilling one’s sexual desires, they also drive some really unique events to fruition. Yet, violence doesn’t stay far from them from either.

Even though people come to these places to bathe in pleasure, they aren’t always peaceful places to be at. In fact, these recent events have sure proven that a sex bar can sometimes be a scene for intense violence. If some people or gangs have some unfinished business with each other, they won’t be shy to settle it around one of their favorite venues.

Let’s dive into the crazy world of sex clubs and find out about all the craziest events that have been going on recently.

Striptease Shows Taking Place In Front of  The Chicago Federal Jail

Some people think that prisoners should enjoy sexy action as well. These people were willing to act upon that as well, which is why there was a huge strip show going on top of the 27 story parking lot, in front of the Metropolian Correctional Center. All the inhabitants of the prison could see the show clearly from their windows.

It’s not every day you see disco lights and topless women showing off on top of a large building. A college student said that she just moved into town from a settlement made up of 300 people. The experience really weirded her out.

She wasn’t the only one and even the leaders of the prison’s office probably saw the strip show. Although they can’t do anything about it, because the parking lot is a private building and falls completely outside of the prison’s control.

It seem like there isn’t much for the authorities to do about it, because even the spokesperson of the US attorney’s office refused to speak he’s opinion on the subject. So, it seems such strip shows can continue and probably will. This isn’t the first time a strip show took place there, anyway, according to a few citizens.

Quick Info: You can find out more about the wild party on top of a parking lot right here:

Various Shootings Around Sex Clubs and Strip Clubs

Like I said, violence doesn’t stay far from these venues and some people think that they provide the perfect setting to settle such business. There was no shortage of violence this time. Gunfire, fighting and firebombs, you name it!

An Employee Injured In a Shooting

A number of employees, working in Foxxy’s Bikini Sports Bar and Girlk sex club, were just ending their shift and stood outside of the building. Suddenly,  some crazy guy drove into the parking lot and started shooting from he’s car. He took many shots at the employees, hitting a couple of car’s only to injure one of the employee’s foot. Lucky for these guys, he isn’t much of a marksman. None of them died or had to endure serious injury. Although the occurrence is scary indeed.

The police are investigating, based on very little information on the suspect. It’s unlikely that they’ll find him, but who knows. You can read more about this incident here.

Fire Explosion Ignites a Popular American Sex Club

Not everyone settles for guns and they prefer to bring out the heavy artillery. A notorious motorcycle gang got in conflict with the security of Kitten’s Sex Club. It is believed that this gang used a fire bomb to light up the club. While this isn’t confirmed yet, the likelihood is very high.

30 firefighters were working really hard to put out the 20 flames burning the club’s roof up. Luckily, nobody was injured from all this and the fire came under control within a few hours. Still, the incident causes a lot of unease among the public, police and the club owners, because this isn’t the first violent action happening around the Kittens. This is the third time in the row and had quite a climactic result.

the Kitten's Sex Club burnt out

Events like this, put innocent members of the public into grave danger, so the Police is putting in the necessary efforts to put it all under control.

Guy Shot Dead In Front Of a Florida Strip Club

During the early morning hours, a 27 year old man was shot in front of a Mississauga strip club. The injury from the shot was really severe. He was in the hospital within a matter of minutesy. Sadly it took only litte time and he died from he’s injuries. The police is investigating the case, but once again, with very little information. They rushed to the scene in a few minutes but there was no clue of the suspect.

The investigation still continues. You can find out more about it here.

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