The Queen Won’t Like This – A Sex Bar is Planned To Open Near Her Castle and Other Honorable British Architecture

The Queen Won’t Like This – A Sex Bar is Planned To Open Near Her Castle and Other Honorable British Architecture

Her Majesty is going to have some unexpected neighbors, who are moving close to the Windsor Castle. This has caused quite a lot of unease among the locals. A sex bar called Studio 51 is going to open in the near future. It will have dancers hustling to please pouters until 5 am, throughout the entire week.

People issued a lot of complaints against it though. The club is just underneath the Windsor Royal Shopping center, which is a part of the Windsor and Eton Central Station. It steals has the original waiting room and the royal throne room used by Queen Victoria herself.

The Tory councilor, Shamsul Shelim said that: “We have the monarch living close by and we don’t want to give tourists the wrong idea.

The people just cannot accept it, because it falls completely out of line with the rest of the locality. But that doesn’t matter much, as it seems, because yet another sex bar called Pink Gentlemen’s Club, is already in full operation a mile away.

But it doesn’t stop there because other meaningful British buildings are about to turn into a sex bars as well.

Will Old House of Commons Become a Sex Bar as Well?

Eastbourne is about to be home to a lap dancing establishment. The application is currently under consideration by the Borough Council.

This proposal suggests turning the nightclub on Pevensey Road, into an exotic dancing establishment, which also includes a lounge, restaurant, and a cabaret. Its open hours would be from 8 am to 4 am from Monday to Saturday, and it would be from 8 am to 3 am on Sundays and bank holidays.

The Old House

To top it off, there’s another lap-dancing club that will open soon in Cheltenham.

Sex Bar Opening in Cheltenham

An application received the permission open the Fantasy club in Cheltenham town center. Although the existence of such a club would leave that part of Cheltenham off-limits to women and children, so this application will only be supported if it is backed by the Environmental health and meets a number of other conditions as well. Once these are fulfilled, the club will be located on the Bath Road next to Bierkeller.

The 36-year-old Lloyd Christopher Winstanley-Cox is the club’s new owner. He said he’ll completely renovate the place. It should be in the center of demand once the Cheltenham Festival has its start.

That’s about it for now. We’ll share any details we have on every new sex bar opening in the British Empire.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this article and that you’ll stay tuned for the next one!

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