Filmmakers Working as Strippers – A Sex Bar Would Love To Have Them

Filmmakers Working as Strippers – A Sex Bar Would Love To Have Them

Most people think that a strip club or a sex bar is a glamorous place most of the time. While that may be true, there are definitely those that you would want to steer clear of. Yet two young filmmakers Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo went face to face with the danger. They wanted to know what it’s like for a woman to grind in one of these clubs every night. Their mission was to discover one of the hardest jobs women do to get by. So, they hit up a truck stop in the middle of nowhere, in New Mexico. Their goal was to work as strippers for a week in this club and see how life is around there. Though it isn’t the safest place on the planet, they came back with all of their limbs intact. This is about their adventure, that they recorded in a documentary. You can watch it below.

The First Encounter

Club 203, was the girls’ destination. The Ultimate Strip Club list calls it “where strippers go to die”. Rumors like this aren’t encouraging, so the two girls were eager to see what lies ahead. Once they got to the truck stop on Highway 40, they got the job right away. At night, the club is marked with green flashing lights and that’s how truckers know where the party is. They go there to ease up after a long time on the road and to enjoy the company of nice girls. On one of its walls, Club 203 has the bras of previous strippers, which is kind of cool.

Once night came, Natalia and Alexandra got the chance to meet some of the truckers who go there. They got to have a few drinks with them and know what kind of people they will be dancing for. Two big city girls, hanging out with truckers of the Mexican highways is about the way you would expect. Some of the guys had really awkward stares, bad breaths and not to mention bad manners. Stopping beside a woman and asking her “hey you want to fuck?” seemed like second nature to them. Some of them wanted that bit of extra attention that led to really awkward situations.

But the strongest among all of them was a one-eyed guy giving “spiritual” advice, while he got awkwardly close. He lost his eye by shooting himself in the head, after coming back from Vietnam. He sat down with a bottle of wild turkey and pistol to play a game of Russian roulette. Miraculously, he survived the gunshot and ended up with a massive scar on his forehead and one eye. Never the less, he was creepy as fuck.

Real meditation advice.

Welcome To The Stage

Neither Alexandra or Natalia stripped or went to a sex bar before. But they did pretty well for their first time. The guys loved them and the other girls were impressed by their performances too. They had their panties filled with dollar bills, mostly one dollar bills. But they soon realized that this job wasn’t a goldmine. A long night of dancing and getting their knees bruised made them $49 dollars. Questioning how the girls even manage to live off so little money, naturally came.


Both girls had a few things to cope with after they stepped off stage. They faced a lot of gross stares and gross attitudes. Some guys weren’t smiling or doing anything and just stood in one place all night, staring at them. It led to a lot of awkward situations and made the girls feel very uncomfortable most of the time. It was clear that this club or any sex bar isn’t a place that supports girls having a healthy self-esteem. It’s easy for them to feel like shit with stares and attitudes like this. A sex bar or strip club can be an incredibly harsh environment for a woman.

Even though facing the dirty truth was hard for them, a woman named Daisy shaped their perspective. She was working as a stripper all her life and saw things differently. To her, stripping was more like a therapy session. It’s all about interaction and the girl giving her full attention to the guy in front of her. Some of the truckers might not have got that for years, for all she knows. But she seeks to engage in a real human interaction to help them. Many of the guys there are just caught up in working out their own insecurities. That is why they act the way they do.

Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leite talk about their experiences in a Vice interview. You can read the transcription here.

Figuring It Out

The rest of the days went by in a similar fashion, dancing, facing repulsiveness than meeting a few good people. Even though that some of the experiences the two girls had was a bit harsh, it was an experience of a lifetime. They made great memories and had a lot of fun along the way too. Place’s like this, a strip club or a sex bar, are places where a lot of different people come together. They have different backgrounds and stories to share during their interactions. But they all share the great need, the need for attention.

But this wasn’t the only movie the two girls made. In fact, this strip bar experience served as inspiration for the movie BARE. It is a movie directed by Natalia Leite in 2015, which I recommend watching. Or just check out the trailer here.

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