How Sex Work or a Sex Bar Can Empower a Disabled Woman

How Sex Work or a Sex Bar Can Empower a Disabled Woman

Most people have some serious preconceived notions on sex work and women who work in a sex bar. They think that she is desperate for money and all of her clients are absolute losers who can’t get laid. Even though it’s true for some people. While in many cases, this is far from the truth. In fact, sex work is a true blessing for this woman. It’s all about getting to know a person and exploring her sexual fantasies. Both of which she likes very much. She also gets to hang out with handsome business professionals who pay loads of cash for her time. We can’t tell you her name because she wanted her interview to be discrete. But for the sake of her story, we’ll call her Lori.

Lori has lived her entire life with a permanent neurological disability called dyspraxia. It made things difficult for her in every turn, especially when it came to work. She tried a lot of different jobs but failed because of her disability. She has a bad working memory and a slow processing speed. Her anxiety from sensory overload didn’t make things easier either. But with sex work, she could finally cope with it and build her life the way she wants it to be.

Quick Info: The cultural phenomenon called slut shaming affects every sex worker and almost every woman in the world. Here’s why:

A Change To Something Else

The first thing that brought Lori to do sex work was her curiosity, not to mention the extra cash. She started out by signing up to a sugar daddy website, where she advertised her services. One day, a guy called her to her hotel room for some foot fetish fun. She went with it and slowly built her lineup of services from there. It was a good start and she soon started to make herself a decent pay. But what really made this interesting is that sex work wasn’t degrading to her at all. It was much more degrading for her to lose a job because she couldn’t „catch on” fast enough.

She has a lot of fun with her work and has built her self-confidence and independence up from it. But it’s still work and business. There are days when she would rather just stay home and watch Netflix, yet if she booked a session, she has to go. Even if her anxiety kicks in, she still has to get in her car and do her job. Which is actually good for her, because it forced her to go out and have some fun. So, in return, it also makes her anxiety wanish. But Lori really feels like not working for a couple of days, she can. A few jobs get her enough money to cover her for more than a few days.

Sex work has finally made her realize that her time is valuable. She made a lot more money than she did with any other job. It doesn’t even seem like work most of the time. Handsome and wealthy men take her out to stake dinners and parties. They have good conversations and good sex, so most of her experience is completely positive.

A Different Perception

Lori had plenty of abusive relationships in the past, where her boundaries were pushed. She has spent time with respective assholes willingly, but that has changed. Today, she clearly states what her boundaries are to every man. If they want to cross it, it will cost them extra. If they want her to stay out a lot longer than it will also cost them more. She also does a proper background check before she accepts an invite. Discretion is important in her line of work, but that doesn’t mean that she accepts anonymity. But lucky for her, most of her clients are absolute gentlemen.

In fact, her regulars are all shy guys who want to take things slower. They arent the type to just jump into action and get off. Some of them just want to cuddle for longer, take baths and watch Netflix together. Some of them cook dinner for her, give her flowers and talk about how amazing she is. They go out of their way to make her feel comfortable, even though they paid her money. This pretty much demolishes the idea that pouters victimize women.


In actuality, all of the positive experiences Lori had, have helped her build her self-confidence from the ground up. She didn’t even think that she would find a job that works for her, but sex work suits her life perfectly. Yet here she has it. A good pay, flexible work hours, new impulses and pleasant people are all a part of her dream job. She serves her companionship to people and makes a good living off it. There are also a lot of other types of sex work one can do. Lori finds her way to be the best. This is one way of how sex work can empower a disabled woman on many levels!

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