Popular Strippers Talk About How They Feel Comfortable Naked

Popular Strippers Talk About How They Feel Comfortable Naked

Today, we’ll look at an interview done with strippers. They will tell us how they have the confidence to show their naked bodies in a striptease bar or a sex bar. Confidence in our looks is something that all of us seem to try to get a hold of. We are born a certain way, yet a lot of us struggle to accept it. We just don’t seem good enough the way we are and would rather change it if we could. We all aspire to have that “perfect body” even if it’s non-existent. So, hearing some of a strippers invaluable knowledge in this topic can help. Their journey was long and filled with ups and downs.

Fun Info: The two girls who suddenly started working as truck-stop strippers have a lot to say on this topic in their documentary: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/kwpwge/life-as-a-truck-stop-stripper-full-length

Let’s see what these professional naked ladies can tell us about self-confidence!

Tristan Risk

Tristan is a Burlesque performer who has done a lot of work in a sex bar and strip bar. In this interview, she shares how she come to be so confident in her looks.

The Key To Feeling Good About Your Body

Feeling good about your body doesn’t come from external situations. How much you work out and how healthy you eat doesn’t change too much. Feeling good about the way you look naked or dressed, comes from within. It comes from self-acceptance and self-love.

Even Tristan is impressed by how confidently she handles nudity. Some girls feel really awkward when they compare themselves to her.

How Do You Come To a Point of Such Confidence?

You learn it throughout your life, but how easy it also depends on your upbringing and cultural conditioning. But your confidence solely relies on self-love. Accepting yourself isn’t rocket science.

Tristan’s parents always taught her to never be ashamed of her body. They even took her with themselves when they went to a nude beach. So, nudity is an integral part of her life. Today, she prefers to walk around naked as much as she can. She is not afraid to be seen naked and won’t feel vulnerable, just because of her nudity.

Tristan was first naked around other people when she was a model in a drawing class. She especially enjoyed people projecting their artistic visions onto her naked body. She still enjoys the various stares when she steps onto the stage.

Do Appearances Preoccupy Our Society Too Much?

This varies from person to person. The problem is that we often don’t realize how subjective beauty actually is. Our external look reflects who we are on the inside.

Carole Brunette

Carole is an astonishing blonde burlesque performer, who is adored by every man who visits a brothel or sex bar. She shared some of her valuable insight and how she handled though situations during her career.

Hot blonde posing seductively.

How Would One Get Their Confidence Together To Walk Onto The Stage

It’s interesting that we think that some people really have their confidence together, yet we don’t really know. Anything we see in another person is only our own projection. We only assume that they feel good about themselves, while the reality might be entirely different.

Carole does live a life where she is comfortable with her body, with or without clothes. But at the same time, she has to face cultural conditioning and her own insecurities every day.

Is There Something To Tell Yourself When You’re Not At Your Best?

Carole has definitely gone through times when she didn’t feel ready or capable at all. Thankfully, her work schedule is flexible. She only does private dancing, not stage shows. Although, strippers have to really push themselves when they’re dealing with the obvious difficulties.

Sometimes, they’re faced with disrespect. It also isn’t always safe to walk the street in revealing dresses Shit can get very real for a woman, and she does what she has to do.

Seeing so much nudity is a positive experience in Carole’s life, as she said. She has seen a lot of variety and will forever remember what real naked people look like. Everyone has flaws on their body. Even though Carole herself struggles with her perfectionism, she thinks we should embrace variety.

Should We Stop Idealizing People or Thinking About The Perfect Body?

There is no such thing as an ideal or a perfect body. It’s really easy to forget how much our clothes cover up and what actual naked bodies look like. We only damage ourselves with perfectionism and imagining what how beautiful we should look like.

When Carole gets naked in front of somebody, she knows that the client is going to like what he sees. He doesn’t have the same judgments as she does. The way others view her is very different from the way she views herself. So it is actually easier to show her naked body to someone than looking at herself in the mirror.

If you want to know more about these interviews, you can check it out on this link!

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