Playboy’s Founder Hugh Hefner Died – A Tribute To His Success

Playboy’s Founder Hugh Hefner Died – A Tribute To His Success

The Legendary founder of Playboy magazine has died a peaceful death with his loved ones surrounding him. Hefner was an American Icon who built his company into one of the most memorable global brands in history. He passed away from natural causes in the Playboy Mansion. Every girl in every sex bar will have a reason to grieve.

“Life is too short to be living someone else’s dream” – Hugh M. Hefner

Hefner lived an exceptional life, turning himself into a cultural and media pioneer. He helped to bring about some significant cultural and social changes. He explicitly advocated sexual freedom and free speech. The lifestyle he led is at the foundation of the Playboy brand, which is one of the most successful brands in human history.

Additional Info: The causes of Hefner’s death have been revealed in this article:

The Story Of Hugh M. Hefner’s Success

Hefner was born on the 9th of April 1926 and received a strict, Methodist upbringing. His mother Grace Caroline was a teacher, and his father Glenn Lucius Hefner was an accountant.  During his youth, he served two years in the US military, during World War 2. He was serving as an Army writer for the military newspaper, during that time. Once the war ended and he was done with the service, Hefner got his bachelor of arts in Psychology, in the University of Illinois. He also got a minor in Creative Writing and Art. Soon, he got a job as a copywriter for a popular magazine called Esquire. It still promotes some of the latest news headlines, celebrity interviews, political developments and also provides fashion advice for men, along with drink recipes. Hefner got most of his experience here, which led him to create the first issue of Playboy.

When he was denied a $5 raise at his job, he quit. He took out a mortgage and generated a $600 bank loan and set out to raise money for starting Playboy. In 1953, he raised enough money, to make his dream come true. Using the $8,000 collected from investors, Hefner finally launched Playboy’s very first issue. It features Marilyn Monroe on the cover and also has a naked picture of her in the centerfold. The interviews were done with famous celebrities such as Jack Kerouac, Ray Bradbury, Ian Fleming, Margaret Atwood and Joseph Heller.The issue had outrageous success and sold more than 50 000 copies. The initial investment of $8,000, turned into $200 000 in profits, during the first year. It went up to 7 million by 1970. The path to this success was pretty long, it’s worth reading more about it in Hefner’s Wikipedia article.

The Start Of a New Era

Hugh Heffner with a blonde girl

After this huge success, a chain clubs opened all around the world. In every club and sex bar, the women who served the drinks were wearing provocative costumes, along with a pair of bunny ears and cute bunny tails.Today, everyone knows what Playboy is, and it is all thanks to Hefner’s work. He launched the first magazine more than 60 years ago. The Playboy magazine always features beautiful women, articles, and interviews with some of the most popular actors, politicians, and artists. In its earlier years, it also included interviews with Frank Sinatra, Fidel Castro, and Jimmy Carter. Even John Lennon gave an interview to Playboy before he became a victim of murder in 1980. Hefner also took part in a movie called Sex and the City and also in The House Bunny, in which Anna Faris had the lead role. Even Hefner Himself took part in a couple of movies. They’re all listed on IMDB.

The passing.

The way Hefner lived, left us with some valuable wisdom. He spoke he’s truths with the way he lived and the way he ran his company. He was living he’s the wildest dream, that he didn’t ever have to wake up from.

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