K-Pop sex scandal shakes the Korean entertainment industry

K-Pop sex scandal shakes the Korean entertainment industry

The K-Pop world has been taken by storm after some of the biggest names in the industry were accused of pimping and distributing hidden sex cam videos in private group chats. Lee Seung Hyun, aka Seungri (former member of Big Bang, one of the biggest K-Pop groups) is accused of pimping prostitutes to VIPs and wealthy businessmen in the Burning Sun nightclub in Seoul, which he co-owned at the time. He is also accused of sharing sexually explicit hidden cam videos of drunk and drugged girls. Continue reading our Sex Bar Vienna news piece to find out everything else that you need to know about this K-Pop sex scandal!

How the K-Pop sex scandal started – Man assaulted in Burning Sun nightclub

The whole scandal started back in January when a video of a man being assaulted by Burning Sun security officers went viral. Apparently, the man was attacked after asking the nightclub’s staff to help a girl who was being sexually assaulted. Instead of helping, the staff members hit the man multiple times before he was taken away by the police. The security camera footage of this assault was aired on national television and immediately went viral on the internet.

Shortly after the incident, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency made a statement in which they said that they would do a thorough investigation of the Burning Sun nightclub. Some of the things they were looking into are drugging clients, bribing the police, as well as pimping girls to VIP guests.

After the police’s statement, Seungri posted an apology on his Instagram account about the assault and denied everything about the drug and pimping allegations. After this, the Burning Sun nightclub was apparently closed.

Seungri accused of pimping girls to VIP guests

Only a month later, new information emerged in the form of text conversations between Seungri and three other people. In these texts, Seungri is apparently seen discussing and recommending girls to wealthy businessmen. After the texts went public, Seungri denied these accusations and claimed that the texts were fake.

The singer was called down to the police station for questioning and he was only set free the day after. Apparently, he was asked about the drug and pimping accusations. According to our sources, the singer’s urine and hair samples have also been tested for drugs and other substances.

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Seungri cancels tour after receiving more accusations

In a public appearance, the singer cancelled his tour that would have been all over Japan and Indonesia after being targeted by more accusations. Apparently, new information has emerged about Seungri’s birthday party back in 2017. According to a news outlet, the birthday party held by the singer was a trial run for the Burning Sun nightclub. Apparently, many VIP clients were invited to the party and Seungri even paid for their flight. In an interview, one of the former Burning Sun employees said that she was invited to the birthday party by Seungri and he paid for everything, on one condition; that the girl has to bring her pretty friends with her. According to our sources, many high profile businessmen were also invited to this party and Seungri paid for all of their expenses.

Other K-Pop entertainers pulled into the scandal

In March, additional chat conversations between Seungri and other entertainers have been brought to the public’s attention. These chats show Seungri, Jung Joon-young (TV and radio host), Choi Jong-hoon (FTIsland), Yong Jun-hyung (Highlight) and Lee Jong-hyun (CNBlue) sharing hidden camera footage of drugged or drunken girls between each other. Apparently, some of the participants have only viewed and commented on the shared videos and they didn’t upload their own, but they are still being investigated.

The K-Pop sex scandal’s huge impact on the industry

Shortly after these allegations have been brought to light, Seungri, Jung, Choi and Yong all announced their retirement from their bands and the entertainment industry as a whole. They all issued apologies on social media, apologizing to the nation and everybody who has been hurt by their actions. Seungri even asked his military enrollment to be postponed because of the police investigation.

Big Bang K-Pop group, Seungri sex scandal
Big Bang K-Pop group with former member Seungri

This has had a huge impact on the K-Pop music industry, as these boy bands have been on top of the music charts. It is speculated that the K-Pop industry is worth around US$4.7 billion, with Big Bang being one of the most popular boy bands. After the singers announced their retirement, the South Korean stocks have immediately started to plummet.

Conclusion on the K-Pop sex scandal

As it currently stands, the entertainers who were involved in the scandal are being investigated by the police. Since prostitution and pimping is highly illegal in Korea, the singers could face a lot of time in jail if the accusations turn out to be true. The industry has also taken a huge hit because some of the biggest names in the business have retired from entertainment. There are also many fans that lost their love for these bands after the scandal has been brought to the public’s attention.

There will surely be more information that emerges as time goes by, and we will make sure to keep our readers updated on everything that happens surrounding this K-Pop sex scandal!

If you wish to read more into the scandal that is happening right now, be sure to read the articles that have been published on ORF.at and National Public Radio.

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