A Guy Got Charged More Than €70 000 In a San Francisco Credit Card Scam

A Guy Got Charged More Than €70 000 In a San Francisco Credit Card Scam

More and more men have reported being scammed in a popular sex bar, in San Francisco. in which they are charged jaw-dropping amounts of money for nothing. There’s also a lot of other illegal activities going on in San Francisco’s sex clubs, as one of NBC’s article’s describes.

For this reason, the police have been investigating a sex bar group called Déjà Vu, which is made up of four different clubs: Little Darlings, Garden of Eden, Roaring 20’s and New Century Theater. During its 40 years of existence, Déjà Vu left its mark on San Francisco in numerous ways. It’s a shame that it experienced such a decline in popularity.

These four sex bars have used such credit card scams on more than a dozen of their visitors. This explains why they have such mediocre ratings on Google and various review sites.

The San Francisco Scam Reports

One of the pouters who reported the scams has said to have only one beer that cost him €1,300, according to he’s last memory. He passed out and once he woke up, his credit card was charged with a lot more. It was charged four more times to be exact. When he checked his account, he noticed that a staggering amount, €70 000 went missing. All of it was billed in the sex bar.

Another person reported that he got charged €2000 instead of the €200 he was expecting. There’s no possibility that he overshot his calculations. He was indeed a victim of a credit card scam at Little Darlings, where they told him that the machine rejected his card. The next morning, he went to get some money from the ATM, he realized that his money got completely drained.

Deja Vu club

So How Did The Sex Bar React?

The club group’s (Déjà Vu’s) spokesperson stated that there was no chance of such frauds happening.  He says that every sex bar already took extreme measures to prevent such scenarios from ever playing out. At the end, he stated that these are only false accusations. He also added that “At no time is a dancer able to process a credit card charge without the patron present”.

These are only two of the many credit card scams that have happened in the recent past. It seems that there is a growing trend to scam clients in a sex bar. There are plenty of noteworthy and beautiful prostitutes in Déjá Vu’s brothels. Click here to read more about the most legendary prostitutes in San Francisco’s history.

To ensure that your bank account stays safe after a night in the brothel, be sure to bring some cash along with you. That will eliminate the possibility of a credit card scam.

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