A Guide To Making The Best Out Of Any Sex Bar and Strip Club

A Guide To Making The Best Out Of Any Sex Bar and Strip Club

A sex bar and strip clubs are called often called a gentlemen’s clubs for a reason. Of course, their primary role is to fulfill a man’s desires. But if that’s the only thing we do, we’re not far off from being animals. A strip club or a sex bar has an entirely different echo system than what you’ve seen in other clubs. If you follow a simple code of ethics, you can be an integral part of everything taking place there. This guide will help you do just that. Thinking about these unspoken rules before diving into the night will be more than worth your time. Once they have sunk in, you’ll be able to make the most of your night at a sex club and behave like a real gentleman.

The Dress Code

The first thing on a gentleman’s list before he goes out is, the way he dresses. A shirt and a jacket will be your pass into classy gentlemen’s club. They will also raise the girl’s awareness of you, no matter where what club you visit. In regular clubs, you’ll be off pretty well with a pair of jeans and a shirt. If you’re like me and would rather go the classy route, it’s best to know what and how to wear it.

Useful Info: Don’t worry if you’re not completely confident in how you’re supposed to wear classy clothes and BE classy, neither was I. This article helped a lot though: https://parisiangentleman.co.uk/academy/mens-elegance-10-tips-for-beginners/

But there’s still one dress code to keep. And that is to wear underpants! As obvious it might seem, believe me, when I say that it isn’t for plenty of people.Also, a good pro tip is, that wear something softer than jeans. It will be a lot more comfortable for the girls and for you as well. Keep your front pockets empty too, because you don’t want the girls to bump into anything too hard. Keep in mind that while your looks are important, good manners are the most important.

Just Ask For What You Want With Respect

You can turn the club or bar you visit into your very own little dream world. Here, girls do whatever you ask them to, but they do not mind readers. So you will have to tell them exactly what you want. So be specific. If you see a girl you like, just walk up to her, ask her what she would like to drink and invite her to join you. If you’re feeling generous, give a tip to the bartender too, that will leave a good impression.

Useful Info: Tipping establishes that you’re a gentleman right off the bat, here’s why: https://www.artofmanliness.com/2008/06/24/gentlemans-guide-how-much-should-tip/

A girl might walk up to you and invite you to a lap dance if she thinks you’re too shy to ask. But you can always politely refuse the offer and ask another girl out. It’s the same ethics that you practice in a restaurant.

The Number One Rule: Be a Gentleman at All Times

It doesn’t take much to have a good time in a club and practice some good manners. Just sit back with a drink in your hand and relax. You’re in a comfortable, discrete place with plenty of hot women and classy company surrounding you. There’s nothing to worry about. Just be sure not to drink too much. Because the more intoxicated you get, the higher the chance you’ll do something unwanted. You can fully enjoy the view and some solid lap dances. You can ask for private dances, but keep in mind that the girl is in control at all times. You can’t do anything that she hasn’t given you specific permission to do.

So, keep in mind that no girl in a strip club will sleep with you. You’ll have to go to a brothel or a sex bar for that. You can have all the sex you want in those establishments.  But even in those places, the more polite you are, the better treatment you will get from the girls.

Wearing a nice tight suit.

Prices and Drinks

A sex bar or strip club isn’t the cheapest place to have a drink at. You should definitely bring a thick wallet with you if you have a taste for the finer drinks. You also have to buy a drink for the girl who invites to join you as well. She will thank you for a great service and a night to remember, as long as you treat her with respect.

Wrapping Up

His manners make the man. The most important rule to follow in these establishments is to practice good manners and respect towards the girls. Dress like a gentleman, be cool and roll with the experience. If you stick to this, the girls will love you. They’ll help you make the most of your night!

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