The East London Strippers Collective Demolishes Lurking In Every Sex Bar

The East London Strippers Collective Demolishes Lurking In Every Sex Bar

Various attitudes approach strippers and other sex workers as they work in a sex bar. Facing the most objectifying attitudes from the general public and even pouters is hard on them. Some strippers can no longer cope with this objectification, which is why they formed the East London Strippers Collective.

They said no to this degrading attitude and started to work to better the lives of strippers and sex workers in the industry. They also work hard to improve their working conditions and empower them in any way they can.

Who The East London Strippers Collective Are

Young and determined women, who call themselves ethical strippers, have come to put stigmas and stereotypes to the test. Banding together is the strippers who want to make a change. They work hard to improve the working conditions of every sex bar and challenge social stigmas.The organization is in operation since 2014. The girls are very busy. They even organized a stripping festival in 2015.

Fun Info: Here’s how the festival organized by the East London Strippers Collective went:

It isn’t all fun and games to work as a stripper. The organization has taken action to stop businessmen from exploiting strippers and shut down clubs where they face horrible conditions and outrageous commission fees.

The Problems With Working in A Sex Bar Today

Changes in the economy and politics both greatly influence the was strip clubs and the entire industry functions. Changes like Brexit strike non-British strippers really heavily. These girls have already made London into their home and the situation isn’t making it easier for them.

Alternative venues that carried some exceptional vibes and have been doing well over the years have been closing. Everyone loves unique and stylish clubs, yet businessmen are replacing them with homogenous ones. In some of these clubs, strippers have to face some serious exploits.

It’s becoming a more regular occurrence. Girls treated like resources and meat machines. The clubs try to enforce a new business model. These are harmful to the industry, not to mention the girls.The current circumstances present in most clubs, don’t support positive traits such as authenticity, creativity, and skill. They are just exploited by large clubs and businessmen who just want to make a buck.

Girls who work in such clubs, have to pay a stage fee and a commission for their earnings. Some even end up paying about half of what they earned on their night. This is an unhealthy business model that starts to demolish the glamorous lifestyle strippers could enjoy back in the day.

Former prostitute

“It was a real dream job”, so said Stacey Clare, a co-founder of the East London Strippers Collective. She started working as a stripper, during the golden age of striptease and really enjoyed it all the way, not to mention it paid well.

Even though a number of problems they have to face is many, the East London Strippers Collective strive and strip to this very day, working to provide all strippers in London with a much better world.

If you want to find out more about this organization, you can check out their official website, along with all the girls in it (


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