Cardi B used to drug and rob men while stripping

Cardi B used to drug and rob men while stripping

Recently, a three year old live recording of Cardi B re-emerged in which she acknowledges the fact that she used to drug and rob men while working as a stripper. Currently, the American rapper is getting a lot of backlash on social media from fans and haters alike because of what she did and what she said. Read the full article if you wish to learn more about the story!

Cardi B was a stripper before a rapper

It is a well known fact that Cardi B used to work as a stripper before becoming the worldwide sensation that she is today. The rapper stated the fact that she was a stripper in multiple interviews and she’s not ashamed of her past.

Cardi B’s confession video

In 2016, Cardi B was streaming an Instagram live video in which she started talking about the darker side of her past. The rapper told her viewers that she used to call men up to a hotel room, drug them and steal their money and other belongings.

Cardi B’s live video where she admits to drugging and robbing men

At the time of the recording, this didn’t catch many people’s attention, however, three years later the video went viral. Recently, the internet picked up the video again and Cardi B started receiving a lot of backlash on social media.

Cardi B’s response to the situation

After the video went viral, the American rapper responded to the backlash on her Twitter account. Cardi B defended her previous actions by saying that she “did what she had to do to survive” and that “she had no other option”. She also said that other rappers talk about murder and drugs and that this is just part of the hip-hop culture.

Here’s the rapper’s full response on her official Twitter account:


Cardi B has received a lot of hate over what she did, mostly because she doesn’t seem to be too sorry about the whole thing. Many people say that even if she had to do it to survive, this is still a crime; and she admitted to it on live video. As it currently stands, the rapper is not going to be charged with anything, just a few million hateful comments on social media.

The unfortunate truth is that this could happen to anybody who tries to cut corners when it comes to strippers or escort girls. Not going with a reputable agency can yield similar, negative experiences.

If you wish to learn more about the story, be sure to read the publications on BigFM and Vox!

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