Why Some Women Really Love To Be Sex Workers

Why Some Women Really Love To Be Sex Workers

Walking into a sex bar, you might not always come across the most pleasant ladies. Some of them might be nagging once you give them the money or just give you a generally bad vibe. Getting fucked all day every day might not sound like a dream job for anyone. But that is a very limited way of viewing sex work and the reality is completely different. Some of you might have felt sorry for one of the girls you were with from time to time. It’s easy to get caught in thinking that prostitutes get very little joy out of having sex. Some of them do it because of their social conditioning and such. But this view only means that you were surrounded by the wrong sex workers. Because there are plenty of ladies and gentlemen who find a lot of joy in their career of choice.

Just like with any other job, the better you do it and the smarter choices you make, the better it gets. We can imagine plenty of constraints and problems with being a sex worker. Yet it actually offers more freedom and autonomy than it limits a person if done right. Which is why many sex workers choose to run their private business.

These sex workers either go to your home or will have you come to theirs. The simple fact that they aren’t tied down to a sex bar, gives them plenty of freedom. Which in turn makes them into sex workers that really love their job. It’s much better to go and have sex with a prostitute that’s actually happy about seeing you.

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The Benefits of Being a Sex Worker

While some countries offer health insurance and social security for sex workers too, others criminalize it. Depending on which country a sex worker operates in, they experience various levels of freedom. But that aside, the benefits of running a private business out of their body is there for all of them.

Professional prostitutes are freelancers and contractors who work the way they want to. They decide their own pay rates and working hours. They don’t have a boss telling them what to do, which gives them complete control over their lives. Most of us see sex work as a means of making money with having sex with people they wouldn’t have sex with. But it isn’t so simple. Sex workers who are devoted to their job, see it as a way of giving their care and their full attention to the other person. A lot of honest conversations unfold between prostitute and client. Because of the intimate nature of their work, they’re also therapists and life coaches to some extent.

Many prostitutes choose to walk this path when it comes to their day-to-day jobs. They choose their clients carefully and set clear boundaries. If a client tries to step over them or negotiate the price, they can just say no. The freedom to choose to who they’re willing to work with is something they cherish. This often gets them to meet some really amazing people and travel to new places.

To sum it up, making good money, meeting good people, having good sex and all the freedom and autonomy they want seems like a pretty solid to be a sex worker.

Are There Any Downsides?

There are as many downsides to sex work as with anything in life. It solely depends on the person doing it. Some sex workers do work as prostitutes because of difficult life situations, but many of them do actually love it. Most sex workers are selling their bodies and intimacy as a personal choice. Who would reject the freedom and making three times as much than with a regular job? Once again, we’re talking about professional sex work, not sex slavery.


Running a business their own way is a dream for many. Many sex workers made it into a reality and they love it. Having complete control over their lives is something truly empowering for them. They also have all the financial freedom and good sex they want. If they do their jobs well it feels really good for them all the way. It also provides plenty of space for them to be who they really are without putting up an act. So these reasons pretty much clear up why a lot of sex workers love their jobs so much.

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