What Happens During a BDSM Session When Safewords Ignored

What Happens During a BDSM Session When Safewords Ignored

S&M is a form of sex that implies physical pain enjoyed by both the submissive and the dominant partner. They both take pleasure in doing this.

There are sex bars out there that specialize in BDSM. They are usually designed to look like a dominant-submissive environment, a dungeon, for example, to make their clients feel more comfortable in their sex bars. Their sex bars-girls are well-trained and equipped to cover most BDSM aspects.

Dominance and submissiveness

Women are usually on the submissive side, while men being the dominant ones. There are always exceptions, but this happens in general due to men’s greater physical power.

However, before committing to this type of sexual relationship, they go through some ground rules. Basically, they choose the safewords, discuss what pain they enjoy and what is too much, they talk things over.

Just like in any other relationship out there, abuses are prone to happen. Abusive men and women are everywhere, but when BDSM is involved, things might get out of hand pretty seriously.


Safewords are there to help prevent these abuses, to stop the dominant partner from stepping the line. A line set out by both of them.

Safewords are typically unusual words, that won’t come up so easily during sex. Something to be a “wake-up call”.

However, what do you do when these very same safewords are ignored? Basically, you are being ignored yourself. The pain might be too much, you might be made to do something you’re not comfortable with.

Things escalate quickly

Things might escalate so much that the abused partner might even consider himself or herself being raped at that moment. Being sexually toyed with against their own free will. This isn’t S&M, this is rape.

Dangerous things can happen if the safeword is being ignored. Especially in a sexual relationship when one person, the dominant, holds the power to do anything he or she pleases to the submissive partner.

If your partner does not respect your own safeword, it means that he/she doesn’t respect you or the type of relationship both of you chose.


Tread carefully in the waters of Pain and Pleasure, because they are deep and anyone can be hurt a lot.

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