How Wellness is Combined With Prostitution Nowdays

How Wellness is Combined With Prostitution Nowdays

Wellness in older times and nowadays

Wellness has always been an important part of people’s life.  It started in the ancient times, when for example public baths were open to the society. Nowadays a lot of wellness services are available. There are lot of wellness hotels where traditional services are offered such as bath or different type massages.

Prostitution is involved into wellness

It’s no wonder that prostitution was involved into wellness services. Probably many girls are tricked into prostitution that they are told to be only traditional masseuses. When they are at the place it turns out that they also have to satisfy their clients sexually too. But if a girl is motivated for money she will do it by her own will and she doesn’t need to be forced.

There are too many types of Viennese places of wellness that basically can be considered as brothels. Let’s see for example massage parlours and sauna clubs.

Massage parlours

They are like ordinary massage salons but offer something extra. The girls working there are not necessarily skilled massage therapists, but they can offer an erotic way of massages. And eroticism is part of wellness; no one can doubt this fact. The client makes the appointment the way just like in every massage salon but the girls often do their jobs topless or completely nude. But be careful and enquire that the place is really an erotic one because if not, you can easily face punishment from the law.

Sauna clubs

Places in Wien called sauna club is almost as traditional ones. They will charge you an entrance fee but you’ll get a lot of services offered.  It’s a place where you can enjoy solariums, sauna cabins, bars where non-alcoholic drinks can be bought. Inside the sauna club you wear a bathrobe or a towel wrapped around your waist. And you can spend your time in the company of pretty girls who are willing to satisfy your most lustful desires. These places can be the best for those punters who want to enjoy traditional wellness methods and sex at the same time.


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