The Weird Innovations of The Digital Love Industry

The Weird Innovations of The Digital Love Industry

The virtual world has moved millions of people ever since the very first movie hit the big screen. We always loved stories of imaginary places and the way we experienced them has only evolved. With the rapid development of technology, we are able to experience content like never before. Which is why a lot of guys would rather choose the virtual world instead of going to the sex bar. It’s weird, but you would be surprised how many porn fans would just fap instead of having sex with a real woman.

That isn’t the only weird thing. Seeing crowds of people with their faces buried in screens is a normal occurrence. Technology got taken to a whole new level with the invention of social media and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, our social media profiles are starting to blend with our actual selves.

We’re involving more and more of technology in our relationship and especially our sexual lives. The notion of porn is nothing new to anybody, but there are some new ways you can experience it. With virtual reality becoming more developed, how do you imagine technology in the next 5 years? I’m here to tell you that there some pretty awesome things in store right now.
In this article, we’re looking at all the exciting things new technologies will hold for our sexual lives. There are some new slippery toys we can insert out penises to and enjoy a virtual experience. Let’s see what kind of things we have in the future to be hyped about.

A Different Kind of Intimacy

With so many virtual extensions available for everything we love about a relationship, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We have Tinder for dating, Facebook for sharing experiences and there’s plenty of sexting to do too. You can have a pretty intimate face to face talk too, thanks to facetime. There have never been so many tools that help us nurture long-distance relationships.
The only sad part about it is the fact that for some people, their social media account is the most intimate thing. They take good care of it and keep it updated because it’s an extension of themselves. Some dudes don’t take social media seriously, but would rather stay home for the night. They wouldn’t just head out to a sex bar. They would rather sit in the comfort of their home and fap to porn.

Soon enough, they can go to a virtual sex club and have the same experiences that it normally gives to a person. We, humans, have a tendency to look at every technology, asking the question “can you fuck it?”. That tendency is pretty strong when it comes to the Oculus Rift and other new inventions that I’ll talk about below.

Exciting New Technologies

There are already plenty of virtual reality accessories on the market. You can buy an Oculus Rift VR headset or go with a mobile VR headset. But to make virtual sex more real, a few companies have invented things you can fuck. There are a few sex toys that take online dating and long distance relationships to the next level.

sugardvd the Netflix of porn takes virtual reality incredibly seriously. They are constantly producing 360 videos and other goodies. With technologies that record and model their porn stars, SUGARDVD has taken some serious steps forward. You are now open to having your very own virtual fuckfest with some of your favorite porn stars. Suddenly there would be fewer trips to any sex bar if this technology became more widespread. People would love to get crazy in virtual sex bars and enjoy “optimized” experiences.

Interesting fact: Sugar DVD has developed its own porn app that you can download and use it on your VR headset! Check it out here:

Ela Darling, a professional cam model makes VR masturbation videos pretty frequently. Plenty of guys are enjoying the solo adventures like they were there. All of these are awesome but the best toy yet is the one invented by KIIRO. It’s a company that specializes in virtual sex and makes sure everyone enjoys it. Their product allows people to have sex through a data connection. It is composed of a male and a female toy and the two are interconnected. What the girl does to the dildo part, the guy can feel in his toy and vice versa.
Interesting Fact: If this isn’t enough, check out KIIRO’s long list of crazy virtual sex toys that are already available.
If you combine this with a VR headset, you can have some pretty realistic sex with your partner. Maybe it seems kind of sick in a way, but it is definitely a good tool for nurturing long distance relationships.


The fact that you’re able to fully embrace your sexuality in a virtual world is still kind of new for many. Some people welcome virtual blowjobs with open arms while others freak out on it. It’s easy to think that this will ruin the way we handle relationships and it might even be true. But remember that technology doesn’t do anyone harm. The way we use technology is only a reflection of our truer selves.
So if you’re excited to go to a virtual sex bar soon or even right now, you’re not alone. Soon enough you’ll be able to do it from the comfort of your home.

Quick info: If you want to know more about the digital love industry or would enjoy watching an awesome documentary, be sure to check this one out:

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