Weed Strains That Make Sex Mind Boggling

Weed Strains That Make Sex Mind Boggling

If you smoked at least once in your life, you know that a lot of things will feel way more pleasurable. The taste of your food is better, you’re more creative, fantasies are more vivid and the whole world seems like a brighter place. It can also make your pain and anxiety go away. Sex is way better too of course. This is because of your heightened sense of touch. It can get a whole lot better too if you use the right strains too!

Set and setting have a lot to do with the quality of sex, but the weed strain you choose has just as much to do with it. Although, which weed strain is best at making sex more pleasurable. There is no universal answer to that. But there are some weed strains that will definitely make your bedroom romp better. As long as you have an intention on what kind of experience you wish to have, there are some strains that can help.

On a general basis, the higher a strain is in CBD (cannabidiol) and the lower it is in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the better it is for sex. THC is the psychoactive chemical that triggers vivid fantasies, euphoria, and paranoia. The cannabinoid is the chemical that makes you relax and eases your muscles. It’s perfect for getting in the mood, especially if you’re the anxious type. Being relaxed and at the moment is also essential for having an orgasm. Here are some weed strains that can help make it happen!

Sour Diesel

Sour diesel is one of the craziest strains to smoke before having sex. It drastically increases your sensibility to touch and gives you euphoria. You’ll feel energetic and ready to get down to business right away. It’s a solid smoke before hitting the bed.

Kali Dog

If you want to be more relaxed and let your anxiousness go than the Kali Dog can help you a lot. Especially if you’re the type to worry about your performance with a new partner. This balanced hybrid will give you a unique high and make you relaxed and carefree. It sets the perfect mood for you to get down to sexy time.

Blue Cheese

This cross bred indicia wonder is a combination of the UK Cheese and Blueberry. It has a very strong, distinctive sent and is the perfect pain killer weed. Thanks to it easing physical and releasing muscle tension so well, it can set you up for something rougher. Like anal sex for example.


The sticky-icky skunk is one of the most popular weed strains for a good reason. It’s a beautifully stinky but tasty hybrid that is great for boosting libido. Just make sure that you always have a glass of water with you when you smoke it. Once it’s in your system, you’ll be more than ready to get down and dirty and take sex to the next level.

Skunk weed strain

Rules of Smoking Before Sex

Even though having sex on weed is pretty awesome, there are a couple of preparations you should make. These will ensure that you have the optimal high and the optimal experience.

Moist up

Smoking weed makes mouths and mucous membranes dry. Which means that not only do you have to have a bottle of water with you but a bottle of lube as well. Some strains go really hard on the ladies vagina’s, so some lube will help in putting things on track.

Always Try The Strain First

If you’ve bought a new strain to try and have sex on it, always take it for a test run first. See how much you need to smoke and how it makes you feel. The last thing you want is to feel dizzy, paranoid or throw up during sexy time.

Make Sure You Use Protection

Smoking weed, drinking alcohol or taking any other drug will get you to indulge in more risky behaviors. So make sure that you always have a pack of condoms with you before having sexy time.

Don’t Smoke Too Much

If you already smoked a couple of times, you know that smoking too much can make you unable to do anything. The same goes for sex, so if you don’t want to melt on your girlfriend, be more cautious.


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