The Top 4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Laid This Very Moment

The Top 4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Laid This Very Moment

It’s the best party of the year when a girl agrees to come and have a final drink or some food at your place. You might be dead sure that you charmed her. But after you had your drink and you’re ready to jump into action, you might be hit with a lame excuse. She just rushed out of your apartment, never to return. This will definitely leave you wondering where you went wrong. So where did you go wrong? It’s actually pretty easy to find it out and we’ll start our reasoning with one simple fact. Women are much busier with luring guys out than luring them in. They set near-impossible standards, so it getting laid isn’t a very easy game to play with a woman who has plenty of opportunities.

To make sure you don’t mess up next time, review these reasons to find what you might have done wrong.

You’re Way Too Dependent on The Outcome

Fixating too much on the outcome and having expectations towards how your night with a girl should go, doesn’t help. Yes, caring too much about getting laid will be a problem.

Even though we guys only care about sex during such encounters, women are different. Our focus should be on something completely different than sex when we’re engaging with a woman. It allows us to be more ourselves and less of the sexually fixated beast we hold within us.

While we care about how a woman looks on the outside most of the time, women care about a man’s image. How he looks is only a small aspect. The most important thing they want to know is who he is and whether they feel safe with him.

What you need to do is keep a balance between wanting to have sex and the desire to express yourself. Work on figuring out whether she is a woman you’re interested in emotionally as well, not just physically. This simple approach will yield much better results for your sexual life as well.

Your Lifestyle is Lame

Let’s be honest, if you’re living on the side of a village, doing IT work and making a ton of money, you might not get even a bit of ass. Even if you’re on the top of your game, you might still not get it. If your lifestyle is boring and grey, then you best be improving on it if you want to get some ass.

In fact, that fat ginger guy who works as a bartender in Las Vegas is the one who will get a flood of ass. Why? Because he’s living an exciting and fun lifestyle. Know this, women are much more attracted to men with adventurous and exciting lifestyles than anything else.

So fill your life with hobbies you enjoy and make it as exciting for yourself as you can. It’s the biggest favors you can do for yourself. Learn to DJ or play the guitar, pick up an extreme sport and get your blood pumping more.

Smiling man in glasses playing guitar

You’re Not Meeting Enough Women

Getting laid frequently is like building a business. You’ll have to have hundreds of interactions before you get good at selling. The same goes for approaching women. You’ll have to approach hundreds of women before you really get good at your game. So don’t worry about it, just get used to feeling a bit anxious and overcome it every time by acting. You’ll come across a lot of women who are shallow, vain or just stupid in general. What you’re aiming for is the right one’s whos vibe you like. Getting the competence to seduce them requires you talk to a lot of them and you’ll eventually find the ones who you have a chemistry with.

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You’re Not Working Enough on Retention

It’s one thing to meet a new girl and to let it die out as you move on to the next one. But that rarely gets more sex. In fact, cultivating constructive relationships is the best thing you can do. It’s great to have a couple of favorite girls who you love to hang out with. This way, you never lose touch with women or get too lonely. You’ll also have plenty of sex if you’re playing your cards right. Having good sex and intimate connections is the absolute best.

So don’t just work on having a constant trickle of new girls, but work on retaining and building your existing relationships.

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