All The Different Genres Of Porn You Need To Know About

All The Different Genres Of Porn You Need To Know About

Pornography, represented by porn films, has a large variety of genres. By comparing the display of nudity and sexual intercourse there is softcore porn and hardcore porn. Softcore porn contains nudity, partial nudity but sexual intercourse is not necessarily shown, while in hardcore porn there is visible penetration and sexual graphics activity.

Classification of Porn

Porn is separated into different criteria which cover every sexual fantasy one can have.

By age, there is “Mature porn” with performers over 40 years. In this category, MILF (Mothers I’d like to Fuck) stands out as a fulfilled fantasy for all young men. “Teen porn”, often referred to as Barely Legal, presents young actors portrayed as only 18 or 19.

By body traits, there is BBW, also known as Big Beautiful Women which presents overweight or obese women. Big breasts, big dicks, and big butts porn feature porn in which these body features are larger than normal thus pleasing the average eye. You can satisfy these fantasies either by searching for porn genres that fit your criteria or you can try the sex-bars in Vienna, where the sex-bar girls are there to make your fantasies come true.

Porn is also divided by race, with Asian, Ebony and Interracial porn standing at the peak of this classification. Asian porn features performers who appear to be Oriental or from the Far East, Ebony porn also known as Black porn features black people while Interracial porn is a mixture of races.

Fetishes had a large impact on porn too. Therefore, porn that contains Bondage, BDSM, Spanking, Face-sitting, Squirting, Cum-shots, Bukkake, Fisting, Double Penetration is highly appreciated. Squirting refers to the act of ejaculation of women by eliminating a large portion of fluids, similar to men ejaculation.

Bukkake involves a woman that usually takes on several male performers who are ejaculating on her face.

The number of participants in the porn movie created several genres also. There is Threesome porn that involves three people, two male and one female or vice-versa. Gangbang porn presents numerous men having sex with one woman or “reverse” gangbang where one man is having sex with a lot of women. Group sex porn includes orgies or swingers parties and features at least two males and two females which can swap each other during sex.


What do you do after the movie ended?

There are a lot more genres and subgenres to porn, enough to make every viewer happy. However, don’t forget that you can take your fantasies seen in these movies and make them come true at sex-bars.

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