A Sneak Peek Inside Spain’s Sex Supermarket

A Sneak Peek Inside Spain’s Sex Supermarket

Europe is full of countries where prostitution is either banned or legal under the boundaries of regulation. But Spain is a mix between the two because it has very Vague laws regarding prostitution. Plenty of people exploit this fact. Women are either forced into prostitution or make the choice to turn their bodies into a business. In this country, whether you go to a Barcelona, Ibiza or Magaluf, it’s easy to find yourself a sex bar.

With open borders and plenty of eager pouters, it’s evident that Spain has more sex work going on than other European countries. The state of the economy is playing a large role as well. But there is some variety to how women approach sex work in this country. When it comes to men, about 40% of them have openly admitted having had paid sex at least once. Today, we will discover what its like inside Spain’s prostitution playground and what sex workers have to say about it.

Truths About Spain’s Sex Work Industry

Spain creates one of the biggest markets for sex services in Europe. It has become a supermarket for sex, thanks to its non-existent legal framework, regarding prostitution. This booming industry in the west has most of its sex workers coming from the east. There are around 300 000 sex workers in Spain- About 90% of them have migrated from other countries in Europe. The current state of Spain’s economy and its legal affairs allow sex workers to make money without regulations. They don’t have to face the bureaucracy of the country. Countries like Austria have clear regulations, while other countries ban sex work and treat it as criminal activity.

This huge demand for prostitution is big but it has also opened the gates for human trafficking. But it also provides a great opportunity to women who wish to make a business out of their bodies.

A Reasonable Take On The Situation

Paula VIP is Spain’s highest paid escort who makes 300 euros a night. She also owns an organization called APROSEX, which helps sex workers. It teaches women how to navigate through Spain’s unregulated sex market. Paula holds seminars for women who seek to move up the ladder, towards a high-end prostitute lifestyle. Her mission is to make her students into powerful and professional feminist sluts. She believes in and advocates unrestricted prostitution and stands firmly for her ideals. Her ideals become reality as she works to make prostitutes as independent as possible. But that is also the problem with sex work in Spain, too much independence. Prostitutes can’t have “employers” because that’s deemed illegal. That’s right, pimping is illegal in Spain, while prostitution isn’t.

Still, this has given the freedom and autonomy to the women who actually want to do prostitution professionally. She is happy and satisfied with the job she does and says that it’s a job like any other job. One of these girls name is Natalia Ferrari. She makes a high income and feels pretty good about living this way.

Quick Info: If you’re curious about how Natalia looks and what services she offers, you can check it out here: https://www.nataliaferrari.com/

A Solution To The Chaos

A lot of people think that unity is the way of ensuring that prostitutes can work safely and autonomously in a country. Asesoría is Spain’s first and only union for sex workers. It offers the possibility to prostitutes to register and receive legal aid. They can also help navigate labor laws. By registering, they would have rights and duties like any other worker in the country. But they would also be somewhat supported by the government. Through this system, Asesoría can help them sign a contract with the clubs. Which means immigrant prostitutes would qualify to stay in Spain. This is great for girls who come to work from the east.

There are a lot of clubs which state that the only hire women who are in the union. Yet in reality, you can rarely find a prostitute who is actually a part of it. Not everyone trusts these regulations. They don’t realize that by registering, they have much better opportunities. They will receive a social security number, health insurance and can even buy a house from their earnings eventually. The union definitely offers more security and stability to the girls. While it Asesoría only seems like a sex bar granting working papers to women, it really helps them. So union members seem to be better off than the women working on the streets.

Actual Dangers

La-Jonquera is a city close to the French border and it serves as a prime destination for prostitutes and pouters. Prostitution is illegal in France, so prostitutes get French clients most of the time. But their “working conditions” look really awful in this place. Just as in the rest of the country, most girls who work here come from the east and from extreme poverty. They stand on the side of the road, waiting for clients. They don’t have much security and even fall victim to violent encounters sometimes. Some girls even have children from their clients, so the situation is really out of control there. La-Jonquera got the name Spain’s Super Market. French dudes come here, pick up a girl from the side of the road and take them to a special place. That’s how the girls spend their 9-5.

Prostitute standing on the side of the road.


Spain is a prime destination to have casual sex for plenty of men all over Europe and for obvious reasons. It’s cheap destination to enjoy a vacation and just about anything you would like. But there is a lot more to the situation than giving money to a girl to have fun with you. It’s the oldest profession in the world, and it isn’t leaving anytime soon. If you’re interested in learning more, than you can check out VICE’s original documentary right here.


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