Essential Sexual Education All The Guys Should Have

Essential Sexual Education All The Guys Should Have

Sexual education represents a set of instructions regarding human sexuality. It includes sexual reproduction and activity as well as responsibilities and birth control. It is most common used by parents, schools and public health campaigns.

Why do we need Sexual Education?

The main focus of sexual education are adolescents because they are curious about their sexuality and eventually explore it. However, in many cultures they were not given any information about sex from their school, leaving this discussion to the child’s parents. This was happening before the late 19th century, when the progression of education led to the introduction of “social hygiene” in North American schools.

Despite the early introduction of a type of sex education, teenagers got most of their information in the mid-20th century from their friends and from the media. The outbreak of pregnancies among teenagers in Western countries led to establishing programs of sex education even though they faced strong opposition from parents or religious groups.

The outbreak of AIDS, especially in African countries, the risk of overpopulation and the need to satisfy the curiosity of adolescents made the sexual education programs grow bigger and bigger as a vital public health strategy.

Sexual education throughout the World

To prevent the growing of the ADIS epidemic in Africa, most governments have established AIDS education programs with the help of the World Health Organization and international Non-Governmental Organizations.

These programs were undermined heavily by the “Global Gag Rule”, an initiative that would make organizations that receive federal funds to never perform or promote abortion as a family planning in other nations. This rule is now suspended by the President Barack Obama and the organizations can work on preventing the spread of AIDS throughout Africa.

Thailand has seen great progress with sex education programs, as has India with programs that promote sexual education alongside information on AIDS in schools.

In Europe sex education thrives with Netherlands having one of the lowest teenage pregnancy rates in the world. Finland, France, Germany and Sweden sex education has been mandatory for a long time in schools, with students taking the course usually at the age of 9 or 10 with different varieties of sex education.

In conclusion, sexual education is needed because it can prepare young individuals to make informed decisions about their personal sexual life as well as being aware of the risks STDs presents.

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