The Most Important Things To Know About Sexting

The Most Important Things To Know About Sexting

Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages with or without photographs through mobile phones.

The first published notion of this term was in a 2005 article from the Sunday Telegraph Machine. With the help of advanced technology sexting became a lot easier over the years.

How did sexting appear?

Sexting primarily developed through the intensive use of texting among young people, and it gradually risen to be used of all sorts of people. For example, in a relationship at a distance it can strengthen the trust between the two partners. Sexting has took the place that phone sex held on to for so many years, with its advantages and disadvantages as well. For teens, sexting can act as a prelude and an experimental phase for those who haven’t had a sexual experience yet.

Risks of sexting

The main risks everyone is thinking about are, what if someone sees the picture I send? Or what if my sexts are read by a 3rd person?

Well, your worries are justified as the material that is held in your cell-phone or on your partner’s phone can easily be hacked, stolen or just sent to other persons out of pure revenge. Many cases were reported were one’s phone was somehow hacked and the nude pictures it contained were leaked on some porn site, or out of revenge one would sent their other half’s nude photos on specific porn sites.

Is it worth it?

Well, sexting is mostly used by teens who don’t think of legal consequences or other consequences for that matter, but in general everyone is using it. From keeping in touch with your favorite sex-bar girls you met again with last night at the sex-bar, to rising the adrenaline of your partner when he/she receives such texts in public places, sexting has made everyone improve their relationships.

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