An Explicit Guide To Spotting a LadyBoy Anywhere

An Explicit Guide To Spotting a LadyBoy Anywhere

A trip to the Red Light District of a town can be a bit confusing. Sure, you’re looking for a proper sex bar with some proper ladies. But not everything is as it seems to be. By that, I mean maybe she looks good, but you might be in for a surprise. A lot of guys fear this. What if you go along with a hot girl with nice big boobs, only to find out she has a dick? Well, I have 5 tips for you that will diminish your fear.By letting the tips here sink in, you’ll know a ladyboy when she comes close to you. Gone are the days when you had to worry about finding a penis between those sexy legs. So without further ado, let’s see how you can spot a ladyboy!

Additional info: If you want to know more about who transexual people are and why they chose to be transsexual, read this insightful Wikipedia article on them:

Tip #1 – Watch Her Height

Some manly features can’t be hidden, one being the height. Sure, there are a lot of tall girls out there. But if you’re even a bit suspicious your perspective lady for the night, her height can be a signal. Especially if you’re going to Thailand. Most Asian girls aren’t tall. So if you spot a tall one with arguably manly features, you might just found a ladyboy!

Tip #2 – Check Out Her Shoulders

A girl can work out but she won’t have as wide shoulders as a man. Neither will she be as muscular, with kind of ripped arms. You can pretty easily distinguish a man from a woman, just by looking at her shoulders and other bodily features. Is she well rounded and soft? Or is she hard and sturdy around her body? And I don’t just mean her penis!

Tip #3 – Sexual Aggression

You’ll rarely find a prostitute who wants to get laid as hard as a ladyboy. They’ll just grab you, start touching your dick and anything they can hold. She’ll be pretty direct and perverted, asking things like “you want to fuck?!”. A lady’s attitude depends on her style, but too much sexual aggression is an indicator. So is a pretty strong grip!

For most ladyboys, sexual aggression is the norm. They grab onto you, talk dirty to you right after you’ve met them on the street. Most female prostitutes keep it cool and flirt instead.

Tip #4 – Adam’s Apple

Sure, it can be surgically removed, but it’s there, it’s a good indicator that you should just move on. So, take a close look at the girl’s throat if you have doubts.

Tip #5 – The Voice

The voice can be your last resort if all of the above fails. Even though there are some tricky ladyboys out there, they can’t trick genetics. You’ll instantly hear if a lady’s voice is suspiciously deep and manly, or maybe even gayish. It’s the perfect indicator when you’re up close and personal. So if you’re curious about a prostitutes gender, this is a good way to go about it.

Tip #6 – Just Ask

Ah, the king among these tips, one which you can figure out yourself. You can pretty much skip the rest of these tips if you have the balls. Just walk up to the woman and ask her if she’s transsexual or not.

Bonus Tip

If you still have doubts that she switched to a vagina through surgery then just check if she gets wet. That’s something she can’t fake and also a perfect indicator to know what’s going on. But either way, if you’re still uncomfortable in bed, then just move on. There are plenty of women in every red light district and sex bar.

More: You can also watch this YouTube video that explains more about the topic. The guy also shares some useful info for those who are looking for a sex bar in Thailand. Check it out:


There you have it! A short but straightforward guide to spotting a ladyboy wherever you go. It doesn’t take you to be a surgeon or a doctor. Just walk around with open eyes and notice any of these distinct manly features! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this article and that we’ll see you again soon in the next one!

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