Is Sex in Monogamy Relationships More Satisfying than In Open Relationships?

Is Sex in Monogamy Relationships More Satisfying than In Open Relationships?

We all have had at least one argument about this. Is sex in a relationship more satisfying than sex in an open relationship? Almost all of us had at least one hook up and one actual relationship under our belt. Figuring out which one is more satisfying in general, isn’t an easy task.  We know that going to a sex bar can be quite a satisfying experience. But let’s try and find ourselves an actual conclusion right now. Let’s find out or at least get closer to the answer. Which one is more satisfying? Sex in a “classic” relationship, or sex we have with hooking up and open relationships? We’ll use the data collected from a certain study conducted with the youth of Europe and try to give a straight forward answer.

Some Revealing Statistics

We came to a simple understanding of the clear data collected during the study. It has shown that more than 80% of people who are in a monogamous relationship are completely satisfied. Their sexual life is very fulfilling and it beats any other kind of romantic setup. While only 70% of those who regularly hook up and participate in open relationships are satisfied. The results and satisfaction they get from these relationships are different from partner to partner. It lacks consistency and has a number of other shortcomings as well. While monogamy relationships are built around consistency.

The numbers take a shift when we look at single people. Among those who are single and not looking for a relationship, 50% are satisfied with their sexual life. Yet only 40% of those who are single and looking for a relationship, are satisfied with their sexual lives. The study has also shown that while those in open relationships have more partners, they are more trusting. While the opposite is true for those who prefer monogamous ones. It also concluded that people between the ages 25 and 30 enjoy their sexual lives the most. This is true to both men and women in that age. As long as you don’t spend your time masturbating and have some real sex, you’re bound to enjoy yourself.

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Both open relationships and monogamy relationships have some obvious benefits. But psychologists say that a habit of hooking up and having open relationships has many disadvantages. It has a link to depression, anxiety, and a pretty low self-esteem. Which stands true, because we seek to have easy sex most of the time. We want to hook up as quickly and as easily as possible, which doesn’t bring us to a place of high self-esteem. While building a monogamy relationship is more about having fun and enjoyment. When we have those two and fully enjoy ourselves, good sex naturally comes. Still, going to a sex bar can often be really satisfying. So, it’s up to you to decide what you want I guess. If you want to read more about this topic, be sure to check out what VICE has to say about it, here!

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