Popular Sex Bars With a Strong Facebook Pressence

Popular Sex Bars With a Strong Facebook Pressence

Nowadays online presence is arguably necessary for businesses in order to increase their turnover. The more reputable sex bars aren’t exceptions. Those which have already realized this importance tend to be present on different social networking sites. Since Facebook is amongst the most popular ones, more and more sex bars have decided to create their profiles there.

Searching for sex bars on Facebook, I have found two that are located in Vienna, Austria. Both profiles were created in 2011. One of them is owned by Exzess! Gentlemen Club. Actually, you don’t find updated info currently.

All I found is only a cover photo publication and an event announcement which was called Exzess! Bunny Night and was held on 29th March 2013. You have the chance to leave a message to the operators if you want to get into contact with them, but I guess it doesn’t make too much sense. There’s nothing more. No vivid community life on the profile, it has only 27 followers at the moment. To be frank, I don’t think it will change for the better in the future. Unfortunately, the profile seems to be neglected.

The other sex bar being represented on Facebook is Nightclub Varieté Maxim Wien. This one is updated regularly. You’ll find a lot of relevant information about the life in Maxim. Among the photos, exciting shots of the girls can be seen and visitors can also see the elegant interior in different albums. In the Event menu, the latest events are listed.

The posts are written in English or German. If you scroll down on the timeline for the previous posts, you’ll also find the glossary with expressions related to sex with links to the expressions. The message option is open on the top of the page and you even can write the review after you’ve visited Nightclub Maxim Wien.

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