The Best Places To Have Public Sex With Your Partner

The Best Places To Have Public Sex With Your Partner

As time goes by, our sexual life tried to be more and more regulated. In ancient cultures public orgies weren’t absolutely unusual. In our present world porn surrounds us everywhere but if you do something erotic or sexual in public you may face the law.

Nowadays when it comes to sex, everyone thinks differently. There are shy couples who can imagine having sex only in their private bedroom.  Other ones like the thrill of being in a public place and the chance of being caught. When your public sexual act is revealed, you will feel shame even if there are no further consequences.  So it is recommended only for the bravest.

In this post let’s take a look at a few places, where public sex can be thrilling. Let’s get out of the brothels and see some places that are available for anyone out there free of charge.

Empty university classroom

If you’ve ever bored in a class you might wonder what kind of better function could a classroom have.  It won’t be a hard task to find out when a classroom is free as universities usually have a schedule for it.  If you turn the lights off, there will be no attraction at all.

The park

A nice sunny day at the park at a spot that is out of sight is a perfect choice.  The evening or the night are even better because there are definitely less people around.  You can choose a spot with some obstacle to get through in order to have enough time to put your clothes back on when passers-by approaching.

On a downtown train

When you are travelling on a train long enough, you just need to find an empty compartment and get yourself into action. If there is no crowd in the train and the railway line is coming to the end you are very lucky.


Graveyards are always quiet and peaceful.  You can get in through the front gate or elsewhere.  Maybe you’ll have to jump a fence. After night has fallen it’s the most thrilling experience you could have.

There are countless places that are proper for a quickie but be careful of timing, or you will probably be caught.

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