Pick Up Hot Girls Online Through These Amazing Dating Apps

Pick Up Hot Girls Online Through These Amazing Dating Apps

After visiting one sex bar after another and having plenty of hot sex, you might want something more. Enjoying all that is fine, but you have to keep your hunters instincts sharp at all times. I don’t mean slaying animals or women for that matter, no. I mean finding dates and having sex that you have earned. Maybe even find yourself a long term partner along the way.

A good way to make your job easier is to try out various dating apps. You might have heard of Tinder and some of your friends might have tried their luck on Facebook as well. But there are plenty of options that could better suit your needs. Here are a few!


If you got tired of using Tinder and would like to try something new, Bumble is a great option. It was created by Tinders former VP of Marketing who really knew what she was doing. She has put the experience she gathered from the incredibly successful platform to good use. The new and useful features of Bumble got people talking and gained a lot of popularity for the platform. This is due to two it’s features. One of them is that the Bumble forces you to send a message once you’ve matched with somebody. You’ll have to start talking to them within 24 hours because the match will fade otherwise and you won’t see the person again. The other one is that women can only message men if they already matched with them.

Bumble also has a paid version which brings numerous other features. It allows you to match again with people who you matched with previously and pass on someone that already liked you. But you don’t have to think about it now because the free version is more than enough to get started. So why not give Bumble a try?

Check out Bumble Here

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Match is one of the most popular and well-established dating app that you never heard of. It has been around for about a year and managed to stay afloat for one good reason. The platform always improves with new innovative features. On Match you can see things like Missed Connections or see if you have physically crossed paths with someone in real life. It creates a bridge between the gap of online dating and real life meetings. Match has a lot of people speaking highly of and is very much welcomed on the online dating market. You can use it for free so why not give it a try?

Check out Match https://www.match.com/cpx/en-us/


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Coffee Meets Bagel

Now this is a really alternative dating app that doesn’t actually feel like an online dating app. The app offers a casual approach to dating, that is less intimidating than Tinder and the others. It doesn’t shout “come hook up with somebody” right off the bat. It takes a much more subtle approach instead.

Cofee Meets Bagel authenticates your Facebook page and will pair you with people you know who are also using the platform. After you’ve registered, the app will try to learn as much about you as possible to make the best matches. It will ask a series of questions that involves almost everything from your sexual orientation to your favorite movies and books.

The fun thing about this app is that people using it are pretty educated most of the time. About 96% of users have at least a Bachelor’s degree and it’s a lot more female-focused app. Which means that it’s definitely worth diving into.

cofee meets bagel photo

Check out Coffee Meets Bagel


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Meetup.com is much more about, well meetups than dates. The goal of the platform is to bring together people with similar interests. It arranges about 90 000 meetups every week, so there’s definitely a lot of people to meet. Now, dating is about meeting a likeminded person in a sense and Meetup.com is perfect for that. You can easily find someone within your own interest group and hang out with them. You can even make it a group of people. Sex might very well be your common interest, so there are definitely people who would like to have sex oriented meetups. But finding a girl with whom you share the same interests with can also be a very good way to go about it.

Check out Meetup.com Here


Hinge is another app that uses your Facebook friends and their friends as its source for your matches. It is a great tool to help you meet people if you have moved to a new area and don’t know where to start. It will definitely help you set things off on the right foot and meet people locally.

The company has also conducted studies through its app and got some interesting conclusions. As it turns out, people are much more excited to talk about their fond childhood memories than anything that happens in the entertainment industry. Seems legit to me.

Check out Hinge Here


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