How and Why People Become Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babes

How and Why People Become Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babes

The terms sugar baby and sugar daddy have been floating around the internet for quite some time now. It’s a controversial topic and a lot of people have plenty of judgments and misconceptions about it. As always, anything that could involve sex and money has people judging and labeling. Rarely do people actually know what they’re talking about though. So I’m here to clear up a few misconceptions about what kind of people use sites like and among others.

Women giving guys favors for money isn’t anything new, especially if you visit a sex bar from time to time. Yet not every favor falls in the realm of prostitution. Of course, they are still hanging around a man purely for material gains. But there are some major differences between sex work and being a sugar baby. A sugar baby is the type of woman you see around rich old dudes. She isn’t necessarily a gold digger. In fact, a sugar baby is a much more ethical approach to these kinds of relationships.

Sugar babies are usually women who are looking to enhance their lifestyle and have someone help them out with it. They might want a new car, move to a better apartment or afford a more luxurious lifestyle. So they seek out sugar daddies who are looking for these kinds of women.

Often enough, sugar babes are young college girls. In fact, almost half of them are. This is simply because the insane price that is involved with college educations. Students who are drowning in debt, become sugar babes to cover their expenses. It’s a fair deal because they end up making $30 000 – $75 000 per year.

The Way These Arrangements Work

The internet has taken things to the next level, so anyone can become a sugar baby or sugar daddy within minutes. Certain websites make it exceptionally easy for potential sugar babies and sugar daddies to find each other. They can even find exactly the kind of person they are looking for.

Arrangement sites require you to register and fill in your profile with personal details. Who you are, what you do and what exactly are you looking for. That is the most important part. Being transparent about your intentions and boundaries is expected of everyone. This avoids disappointment and unpleasant encounters. The woman will know who she will meet and the man will know what he can ask for.

After finding the person that seems right for them, sugar babies and sugar daddies meet and mingle. They can establish the terms of their agreement on the first date and be clear about what both of them gets out of the relationship. Sometimes they end up having a short-term relationship, while in other cases it might be years long. It solely depends on the two of them. As long as they keep their goals in sight and respect each others boundaries, it can go really well.

A girl can demand somewhere between $2000 and $5000, depending on how good looking she is. Some women go as far to demand $10 000, but it’s surprising if they get it. Most of the time, these arrangements are temporary but work really well for both parties. It’s like a relationship that is constantly in the honeymoon phase.

What Kind Of Girls Become Sugar Babies?

As I mentioned, they are women who want to make a difference in their lives. It is either a lifestyle change or the elimination of debt. Some beautiful college girls clearly only want someone to pay for their course and their books. Along with the fact that they are not willing to have sex with their sugar daddy. It ends up paying off pretty well for them. A hot college girl can have a wealthy man cover her fees, take her out to dinners and multiple vacations.

The life of a sugar girl is quite glamorous and it’s far off from sex work. Women often state clear boundaries and the whole arrangement functions like an actual relationship. But they will never get married. It’s as simple as that. Which is why it is getting more charming for women out there.

Although, finding a good sugar daddy is by no means easy. They get lucky often enough, but there are a bunch unpleasant men looking for arrangements too. Some are even scammers who can’t even help the girl financially. They are just looking to hook up and fake being rich. So caution is necessary on the ladies part.

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What Kind Of Men Become Sugar Daddies?

Needless to say, they are rich guys who make about $150 000 to $250 000+ a year. They are on top of the finance game so they can easily afford a sugar babe. It allows them to have a stable relationship that only demands luxury and money from them. They can have fun, enjoy diversity in women and even find themselves a wife sometimes. But there are other reasons behind why a lot of rich American men become sugar daddies.

In California and numerous other states, divorces can be incredibly dreadful for a man. They are often faced with a no-contest case and end up losing their life savings in the process. So marrying with a woman involves a lot of risks even for rich men. Why would they spend more money on lawyers if they could have a better relationship with a sugar baby? In fact, it’s a way better experience most of the times.

While most women with rich husbands often grow resentful and take their position for granted, sugar babes don’t. They are thrilled by every trip they go on and are thankful for the gifts and money they receive. So it’s often a no-brain choice for rich guys to choose to have a stable, low-risk relationship with a sugar babe. There are more than 10 million profiles on, so this trend will only grow in the future.

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