Why and Where Do We Masturbate Most Of The Time?

Why and Where Do We Masturbate Most Of The Time?

If you do not have a sexual partner or they are not in the mood to have sex with you, there is another solution to satisfy your sexual desires, in the form of masturbation.

Masturbation can also be a pleasurable fore-play before sex between couples.

Masturbation at home

When the only chance to reach the realms of sexual pleasure is masturbation, you can do it with your hand or using different accessories. If you are a woman there are a lot of devices that can help you reach orgasm. Sex shops sell many types and sizes of dildos, vibrators and other helpful toys.

If you are a man you can masturbate with an artificial vagina for example that resembles to a female vagina as much as possible. Most of the time it is made of silicone for greater flexibility.

Masturbation in a sexbar

Probably when you see girls dancing on the stage it makes you horny enough to want to masturbate a little or to bang them. As it is not possible to do it publicly, you have to go to one of the rooms in the sexbars. Men usually get very horny when they see a woman masturbating in front of them. Girls in sexbars have a wide selection of sexual tricks that can turn you on.

When a woman masturbates in front of a man, he gets horny quicker. When a couple masturbates together before the sexual intercourse it makes their act more intimate. And there is one more thing why masturbation is considered beneficial. It is a well-known fact that when an intercourse starts with the man jerking off, the duration of the act will be much longer than without it.

Anywhere it happens, whether at home with your lover or with a prostitute in a sexbar, masturbation can be beneficial in any circumstances.

Of course, masturbation should not replace real sexual intercourse in the long run.

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