What a Guy Can Learn From Managing a Sex Bar at a Young Age

What a Guy Can Learn From Managing a Sex Bar at a Young Age

Life is full of lessons in odd places and a young man named Paul definitely knows that. He was blessed with the opportunity to manage a sex bar at a very young age and learnt a lot from it. His story is kind of inspiring and he had 4 great life lessons to share out if it too. But before we get to that, it’s better to know a bit of Paul’s background first.

Paul started his work life as an extremely introverted young man. Often times, he had trouble with communication to the point that he couldn’t string a few sentences together. Yet when he was 18 years of age, he took an opportunity. He just got his license and his female cousin, who was then a sex bar manager, gave him a part time job.

Paul’s job was to take the foreign girls of the sex bar around the city. He did that for about a year, when her cousin decided to quit being manager. Paul instantly jumped on the opportunity to fill her place, even though he had no experience. Yet he pulled through pretty well, because his objective was clear. It was to maximize the sex bar’s profits and keep the environment safe for all the 30+ girls and himself. It was an interesting journey and here are the 4 lessons Paul learnt from it.

#1 How To Show Dominance

A sex bar can be a dangerous place with plenty of trouble makers and wanna be gangsters wisiting it. Being only 19 years of age and weighting not more than 66 kilograms. He wasn’t the most threatening guy to say the least. So it was evident that going toe to toe with troublemakers wasn’t a good option. He changed himself instead.

By taking on a straight body posture with his shoulders back, raising his voice and maintaining eye contact he achieved a state dominance. He never looked down and always talked louder than the guy talking to him. When it came down to it, the most important thing was get into a guys face and tell him to leave. Paul learnt to stand up forhimself all the time, even though some guys were a lot more intimidating.

#2 How To Let Women Think They Are The Boss

In a country where prostitution is legal, nobody can force a woman to be a prostitute. They work out of their own choosing and have a legal right to refuse clients. But it’s still bad for business, so Paul had to keep things in check at all times.

If a girl said she didn’t want to have sex with a client, he convinced her, saying that it was important for the business. Most of the prostitutes weren’t so smart, so they thought it was their own decision. In case she did refuse, he made sure the other girls knew about her decision. He also directed all the clients to the other girls for the rest of the day. Paul worked on ensuring that the girls act in his best interest and have full control. He decided who wisits and who gets booked for a girl. He just híd the reality and led the girls think they are in control.

This actually turned out to be great for the business and the girls as well. The working girls felt empowered and happy for their work and the clients got better services too.

#3 How To Spot Bullshitters

Plenty of bullshitters stumbled into Paul’s sex bar. They were mostly young guys in groups of three who only wanted to look at the girls. They asked if they could see one for a second time, but it was obvious what they wanted. It was only to just record a memory of hers and masturbate when they get home. Most of guys like this even came without their wallets or any money on them. At the end of their visit, they would just have wasted both Paul’s and the girl’s time. It was only a short time until Paul learnt to send them away once he noticed they were bullshitters.

#4 Guys With Strange Fetishes Make The Most Valuable Clients

There are plenty of ugys with strange fetishes out there. Paul has met guys who like to see girls masturbate with vegetables, some like to be breast fed or to lick eye balls (that’s a real thing). He has pretty much seen everything and realized the magic word for running a successful sex bar. It’s „yeah she can do that” and „oh, that’s the kind of thing we specialize in”. Also, a girl can charge a lot more if the guy asks something unusual like stuffing a massive dildo up her ass.

Guys like this will become loyal customers because they have found themselves a place where nobodys judging. It’s a safe space to live out their fantasies.

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Although being a sex bar manager isn’t the ideal place for a 19 year old dude to start of his career, Paul came through well.  He learnt a lot of valuable lessons and how to be strong when things are difficult. He’s working in a different industry now but he still values his time at the sex bar.

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