How Losing Your Virginity in a Sex Bar Can Actually Be Therapy

How Losing Your Virginity in a Sex Bar Can Actually Be Therapy

We all had a friend who wasn’t as fast to “catch on” than others. That friend who’s a bit awkward with girls and didn’t manage to land his first sexual experience. Not all guys are determined to have sex in their teen years or even in their 20’s. They are either shy or less open-minded about sex, or they’re too scared to try. But you wouldn’t let a friend enter their 30’s with their virginity still intact, now would you? Which is why I am writing this article, to ensure you that it would be a good thing. Today, we’re going to talk about what clients who lost their virginity at a sex bar will have to say. We’ll also hear the opinions of sex workers who helped a number of virgin clients.

The Core of the Problem

Losing your virginity is pretty complicated no matter how old you are or what circumstances you’re in. Your worldview won’t flip upside down either once you have your first time either. For men who have taken more time, intimacy might seem like a monster in their head. Their virginity is a failure in their minds, so says sex worker Laura.
We all know that the peer pressure in this regard can be really heavy and they turn sexuality into a goal. Once they go on a date or talk to a girl, their desperation shows and can be quite a bit of turnoff. They don’t have any foresight into any kind of sexual experience and don’t know how to please a lady. Some of them can’t bring themselves to start seeing a girl and even if they could, they don’t know how to do it. Having a sex bar nearby or a sex worker to call, can be invaluable for these guys.

The First Experience

Some guys just can’t get over themselves enough to go catch some booty. They need a little push from a friend and some help from a sex worker. Because after a certain age, they risk it never happening. Some of them might have been conditioned into believing that they’re not good enough. Or to believe that they are not cut out for having a sexual relationship with a woman. But we have sex bars and sex workers to come to their rescue!

In one such scenario, it’s best to tell the sex worker that their client never had sex before. It’s nothing new to a professional sex worker. She’ll know what to do and will guide him through the experience appropriately. The good thing about this is that it completely eliminates risk and the anxiety of the first experience. Most of us either did it randomly, while they were drunk after a party, or tried to make it perfect for their girlfriend.

But in this case, there’s no risk of failure. There’s nothing the guy could do that wouldn’t end with sex. The guy doesn’t have to worry about every word he says. A professional sex worker knows that these guys are super nervous. So they’ll do everything they can to be reassuring.

Laura, a professional sex worker, for example, does everything she can to be gentle with first-timers. While it’s true that these take more patience, but in it’s a much more comfortable experience for the guy. She tells them what feels good, what doesn’t and what most ladies will like. Sex workers are very aware of what virgins go through, while ladies are probably not.

The Result

Most of the men who lost their virginity to a sex worker are on their way to develop a consistent sexual life. Some of them are even working on creating a lasting relationship. Why? Simply because they are less anxious. They have gained more confidence since they have lost their virginity. It was a kind of rehabilitation for them. They are no longer in the shackles of virginity and their anxiety and “know what to expect” when they go dating.

Man in glasses stares into the camera.

For sex workers, it’s actually an honor to be a client’s first time. Even though a sex worker has plenty of customers, a virgin will be their first time forever. This actually turns them into an important figure in their lives.  Professional sex workers take the responsibility of taking a man’s virginity very seriously. They are much more verbal during intercourse and seek to guide them through it. Helping the guy understand what works and what doesn’t, is what these kinds of meetings are all about. Telling them what a lady would like and how she would like it, gives them the invaluable knowledge and experience they need.

Fun Fact: Here’s a guy’s real story of how he lost his virginity with a sex worker:


If you’re like me and have a friend who just doesn’t go out there to get laid, don’t be afraid to help him. Get your friends together and give him an unforgettable night at the sex bar. But be sure to let him choose the sex worker he wants to be with. Or if you’re choosing for him, tell the girl that your friend is a virgin beforehand. If you want to know more about sex bars and know how you should behave to get the most out of them, check out this How-To guide we wrote!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this article and that it was helpful!

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