Why Some Ladies Find Sex Work Very Pleasurable

Why Some Ladies Find Sex Work Very Pleasurable

Most people see and think that sex workers are only selling their bodies to men who want to have sex. Yet there is more depth to their work than that.

We like to look around and ask sex workers what they think about their job or any changes going on in the industry. With so many misconceptions about sex work and the people doing it, there are few reliable sources for information. It’s best to take a look at the professionals who are pursuing this career hear what they have to say. Believe me, a sex bar is a completely different place in a sex worker’s eyes than it is in ours.

Doing sex work properly and professionally, definitely requires a clear head. Sex workers have to handle being intimate with their clients and find joy in what they are doing. It’s not always easy to perform well when you take the intimate nature of their work into account. There have been numerous studies conducted with sex workers, each of them has revealed some surprising facts. We have looked through what the ladies had to say about finding pleasure and they were more pleasant than I have foreseen.


A woman named Daisy said that she actually found her client very attractive. He was a tall, lean guy with luscious hair and she wouldn’t have minded having sex with him outside of work. The guy was half naked, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts when he opened the door. Daisy said that it was like a scene out of the movie, the guy was “really hot”. But not all of her encounters had hot guys waiting for her. She said that although they weren’t physically attractive, they were really caring and sweet. It’s just great when she is treated like a lady during work. Some of the guys went as far to cook her dinner.

Daisy says that working as a prostitute allowed her to get a completely different perspective on sex. She wouldn’t have got this anywhere else. It actually helped her realize what the problems were in most relationships. She found it much harder to have some genuinely enjoyable sex with an emotional attachment. People sometimes use this attachment to have their partner fulfill their expectations. There is no shortage of men and women who just seek to please their partner with sexual favors.


Katarina has found much more depth to her work than “just helping guys cum”. She realized that it’s much more about caring for the client. Her work revolves around sensuality and intimacy. Sex work also allowed her to examine what she truly enjoyed about sex, without the emotional attachments of a relationship. It really is about having fun and giving your full attention to the person you’re with.

Katarina shares her views with other young sex workers too. She wants to teach them that they shouldn’t view prostitution as just a job, because it’s much more than that. Everyone is looking for love, care, and attention. These are the things that make sex work much more profound.


Amber has been struggling with a mental condition throughout her entire life. She always had problems with focusing and it has affected every area of her life. She was abused within her relationship and didn’t find much success in working regular jobs either. Working for a less than satisfying salary and being fired because couldn’t “catch on” fast enough, didn’t bring her much joy. It was when she came to this conclusion, that she started working as a prostitute and things turned to the better.

Amber finally discovered that her time was more valuable than she thought. She also has the possibility to set her own work hours and choose her clients. They respect her boundaries and pay up front. If they don’t, then Amber can just leave. That doesn’t happen most of the time and she ends up having a really fun night with them. Some clients take her to parties a dinner and spend the night talking about how amazing she is. A few book a session with her only to watch Netflix and cuddle. She says that it’s really amazing to work with such amazing clients.

Even though Amber still suffers from her disability, she can cope with it thanks to sex work. She can have the day off if she’s feeling off too much and live off the money she made the previous week. But financial freedom and security are only a part of it. The fact that most clients treat her so well, makes her job really pleasurable.


It seems that how much pleasure a sex worker finds in her job depends on her approach. Some women can just offer up their bodies and get fucked, while some can offer more. Giving more to a client might seem like the counter intuitive. Why would you give more of yourself for the same money? But practicing empathy, care, intimacy and sensuality are things that make us human. Subtracting these from their work would actually make them feel a lot less and maybe even make their jobs painful. As clients, we should always respect sex workers that practice these positive traits and treat their jobs as more than just work.

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