Jaw Dropping Facts That You Didn’t Know About The Sex Industry

Jaw Dropping Facts That You Didn’t Know About The Sex Industry

The oldest profession in the world has a lot of strange stories, facts and people behind it. It is treated differently in every country and people have very differing opinions about it. It is also the center of heated debates. Numerous governments have chosen to legalize it as a proper solution, while others made it illegal not long ago.

While some countries provide social security numbers and health insurance to prostitutes, others treat it as criminal activity. Then there are the countries where it falls into a legal grey area, like Spain. Needless to say, prostitution has always been around and always stirred up a lot of dust. Which is why I thought it would be interesting to show you some facts about the oldest profession in history.

# 1 On a Global Scale the Average Age To Start Prostitution is 13

One of the darkest secrets of the sex industry is this fact. Some of you might already know it and it doesn’t come as a surprise, but a lot of girls start working as children. It gets even worse if they’re sex trafficked children.

# 2 Prostitution is Legal In 22 Countries

One of the best ways to combat the problems that come with prostitution is by legalizing it. You probably wondered about how many countries have made it legal and so did I. There are 200 countries in the world, so about 10% of them has legalized prostitution. That’s really progressive.

A Few countries where prostitution is legal:

  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica
  • Belgium
  • Belize
  • France
  • Netherlands

# 3 Estimates Show That There are 40 Million Prostitutes in The World

It takes a bit of time to comprehend how large that number is. It’s more than the population of Canada, which is 33 million and the population of Australia, which is 21 million people.

# 4 Prostitution In Northen Ireland Became Illegal Just Recently

Sweden has made prostitution illegal 1999 and Northen Ireland has followed the example. Sweden’s numbers were really encouraging because the average number of prostitutes found on the streets of Stockholm has dropped from 800 to 200, ever since the new law came into effect.

# 5 Around 2.5 Million Prostitutes Victims of Sex Trafficking

This scary statistic is one of the darkest facts in the sex industry. It is something that most legalization debates shy away from, because nobody knows the exact outcome. Sex trafficked women are the most vulnerable and nobody knows how new laws would affect them.

# 6 There Are Countries that Pay Sexual Surrogates

Medically assisted sex is something that has been around to help disabled people who-who don’t have access to sex otherwise. Sexual surrogates aim to help them reconnect with their bodies in a pleasurable way.

Prostitute talking on phone

# 7 Prostitution Makes The Most Money for Pimps

Since prostitution isn’t legal in most countries, women rely on pimps to help them with their work. Which is why most of the money a prostitute earns goes into a pimp’s pocket. So, pimps make about 5 to 35 thousand dollars per week.

# 8 About 80% of Prostitutes Have Been Rape Victims

Prostitutes are subject to a lot of violence and abuse because they have to work in dangerous conditions. They are the most raped class of women in the whole world, but they are better off in countries where prostitution is legal.

# 9 In England’s Victorian Era, Prostitution Was The Highest Paying Job For Women

Women of the Victorian Era did not have it easy. They only had access to factory work and other dangerous jobs. Maybe they could become a housemaid if they were really lucky, or with the proper education, they could make 25 pounds per year, which just wasn’t enough to live on. So they turned to an alternative that required fewer work hours and offered a higher pay, prostitution. If they were really beautiful, they could even reach complete financial independence.



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