Debunking Misconceptions People Have About Sex Workers

Debunking Misconceptions People Have About Sex Workers

Prostitutes always had an exceptional image in the every-day person’s eyes. Especially if that person never visited sex bar. Sex workers have been portrayed in many ways, but those are often far away from reality. We rarely know much about our neighbor’s profession, and we don’t even have sex with him. Yet it’s very easy to believe myths about prostitutes. These mostly come from pop culture, movies, porn or video games like Grand Theft Auto. It’s no surprise that people believe things about sex workers that are complete bullshit. Most of them portray them as drug addicts and runaways. While in reality, prostitution is completely different to what it was a hundred years ago.

Sure, women still get paid for having sex and it’s an odd job. But it has become legal in numerous European countries. Which means that prostitution has been accepted as the complete legitimate business opportunity. This has drastically changed the way the business functions and what it holds for clients and prostitutes alike.

Today, we’re going to debunk some of the most common bullshit misconceptions about sex workers!


Sex Work Destroys a Woman’s Self-Esteem

It’s easy to think that being fucked every day leaves a woman dry from any self-esteem juice. Yet quite the contrary is true. Sex work requires a lot of self-esteem and if a girl doesn’t have it, she builds it up in the process. A lot of women start working with a low self-esteem and find themselves to be more confident in their bodies soon after. They weed out most body-image issues they have and it’s a much easier process. Because so many people see them naked, that their bodies feel much more natural to them after a while.

Also, a high self-esteem and the ability to negotiate is one of the most important contributors to a girl’s success. They have to know their time is worth a lot more money then what client would normally pay.

Prostitution is Unfair To Women

People confuse sex trafficking with legal prostitution. Where prostitution is illegal, the girls have pimps who protect them and get clients for them. It’s a pretty abusive business model because the girls have to handle a lot of shit. But in most cases, the complete opposite is true. Women only have sex with who they want to. Nobody can force them to do otherwise. Of course, even legal sex bars have their own way of screwing the girls over. Remember, prostitutes aren’t suffering women who get abused all day. The fact that they have sex for money is a two-party exploitation at best. So don’t worry and have fun instead.

Prostitutes Just Sell Their Bodies

Often enough, women just make a business out of their bodies and that’s it. It depends on what kind of prostitute she is. Because some sex workers love their job because of its more profound aspects. They don’t just see themselves as sex providers but as councilors and therapist. Sharing their intimacy with clients often comes with a lot of emotion. Guys just feel like spilling out everything to them, maybe even cry at some point. Which is when their ability to give them life advice, care and attention comes into play. This kind of girls know that the greatest value they can give is not their body but their attention.

Quick Info: We have a solid guide on how to talk to sex workers. It can really make your interactions better if you check it out:

It’s Pretty Mundane Work

You can look at prostitution as a job similar to any kind of office work. Girls just come in, get fucked for 8 hours straight then go home. Well, that description fits a lot of jobs, doesn’t it?

But being a prostitute is anything but mundane. Girls meet a lot of different people, some of which they actually end up being friends with. Also, having girls walk around in bikinis with bunny tails isn’t an every-day sight either. You should see what it a meeting with brothel managers looks like.

Woman in a red suit and a bra

A Hardcore Initiation

You’ll easily find some pretty unique individuals among sex workers. So it wouldn’t be surprising if they had some kind of initiation ceremony. Maybe something like deepthroating a banana or taking the double penetration. Yet, it isn’t the case. Sometimes they don’t even go on an interview to get hired in a huge sex bar. They just send pictures of themselves to make a phone call and start working in less than a week.

It’s straight into the deep water from there. Even a girl is clueless at first, she gets her first client, then the second and she has a routine before she knows it.


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