What You Need To Know About Incest In Our Times

What You Need To Know About Incest In Our Times

When family members or close relatives have sex with one another it is called incest. It can occur in relationship of the same household including any kind of blood relations. The most common cases when (grand) fathers or (grand) mothers make love with their own (grand) children. Adoption or step relationships can also be mentioned among incestuous relations.


Modern societies have laws on incest. In many countries it is a victimless crime as it is rarely find out. Laws vary by the nature of the relationships, by the age of the participants. Probably if two adults maintain incestuous relationship out of marriage they won’t face the law.

Often not only consanguineous relationships are deemed to be incest but also among siblings or uncle with niece or aunt with nephew.  Marriage is prohibited between close relatives such as parents and children, siblings or cousins.

There are different parts of the world where marriages between cousins are high in percentage.  In other regions of the planet these close relationships are even stigmatized if they are found out.


The judgement also varies by religions. In Christianity marriage is prohibited when suspicion of incest turns up. In general all the modern religions deem incest to be evil and just a few abstract ones such as Zoroastrianism considers parent-child or sibling-sibling relations as a virtue. For more details regarding the religious point of view you can read here.

Incest in porn

Despite of general prohibition of incest, nowadays porn sites are full of incestuous relationships and there are no limits of the imagination. The closer the relations between the partners the more popular the videos are.

Therefore the conclusion is that lusts for these relationships exist in human beings. However because it is evil in modern societies if it’s committed in real life, people tend to experience their fantasies on the screen performed by actors. But probably these movies will have a bad effect on the society and more and more incestuous relationships will be discovered in reality too.

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