How Your Sex Life Will Change During The World Cup

How Your Sex Life Will Change During The World Cup

The World Cup is one of the most massive cultural events in the world. It moves millions of people as they all cheer for their teams. This is visible in a big city like Vienna, where every pub is packed full during a game. This event undoubtedly generates a lot of heat, but people’s bedrooms might not get so hot.

In fact, with guys and gals being emotionally involved in the games, they might not have any more bandwidth left for having sex. People’s sex lives are deeply affected by the world cup, which might seem like complete nonsense at first. However, it actually has a powerful effect on how we treat sex in this short time period. Even single guys think twice about going to a sex bar.

But what kind of effect does it actually have? As you would expect, that depends on what kind of relationship you have and what team you’re cheering for. Once the game is done, your team either wins or loses. Whichever way things go, you’re bound to get tipsy after a few beers, but you’ll probably get hammered if your team wins. When the night ends, you’ll sit in a cab and head home, only to eat something and lose consciousness in your bed. With having to work tomorrow, handle other responsibilities and watch the next game again, there’s very little time left for a relationship, let alone having sex. That is why women use the ‘football widow’ expression. This is when a woman temporarily loses her relationship to a major sporting event.

But not all couples handle it like this, because they share a common passion for football. In that case, things can get more exciting.

When Both of You Love Football

A lot of women try to get into football, but most of them end up finding it to be a waste of time. However, there are some who love it and have always loved it.

The events that unfold during a football game ignite a lot of emotions. Nobody knows how the game will end and where their emotions will lead them afterward. If their team wins, it might make them jump from joy and make things even better by having sex. But it also makes them so happy, that having sex is the last thing on their mind. In case the team loses, the deep sadness can only lead the two to comfort each other. But it might be a serious turn off as well because fu#king away bad feelings isn’t healthy at all. In that case, most couples just lay in bed and mourn their loss.

One thing is for certain, having so much emotional involvement in a football game will definitely have an impact on all areas of your life. Since you’re constantly thinking about football, investing a lot of time and energy into it, you can’t avoid its effects.

Couple watching laptop

Things can go anywhere from here.

All this shows in your sex life as well, since it’s also a source of emotional intensity and involvement that you can now get from somewhere else. But football might not trump your love for booty. It all depends on where people’s priorities lie and how involved they are in the game and their relationship.

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Keeping track of the events in football take up plenty of head space, no doubt about it. But can it really doom your sex life? Not in a million years! Does it take some of your attention away? It definitely does. Whether you’re jumping from joy after a victory or feel broken after a loss, it’s your emotional state and focus that will determine how much sex you have. If you’re single, the sex bar is always open for you to bang it out after a good or a bad game.

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