Here’s How You Can Talk To Sex Workers To Be More Pleasant

Here’s How You Can Talk To Sex Workers To Be More Pleasant

If you visit consistently visit a sex bar, you’ll probably have plenty of chances to talk to a sex worker. Maybe you’ll talk to one in a social environment and that’s where things will get interesting.

Soon enough, you’ll definitely meet a sex worker you actually like as a person. Maybe it will be within the confines of a sex bar or in a plain social context. If you stress about feeling awkward when you talk with her, things will only get more awkward.

Most sex workers don’t expect you to be too open about their career. They know that it seems strange to a normal person. So there’s no need to be too touchy when you’re talking with them. Just be sure not to ask about STDs or anal sex when you’re eating or something.

To make things as simple as possible, I’ve composed this short list to help you wrap your head around what kind of people sex workers are and how to talk to them. Keeping these things in mind, you’ll be the much better company in other contexts as well. So, without further ado, let’s get down to it.

Understand That They Have Control Over Their Lives

Most guys see prostitutes as victims to society. Don’t be that guy! Unless you don’t see a gun behind her head, she’s likely to be a prostitute out of her own choice. Sure, a lot of women suffer because of their cultural background or because of sex trafficking. But self-identified prostitutes do their job for numerous other reasons. Mainly money.

My point is, if you meet a cam girl, stripper or prostitute, assume that they have control over their life. You don’t have to analyze what path led them to this place. You can ask them if you want, as long as you’re truthful and non-judgemental. You’ll find out that she’s pretty similar to the rest of the people you hang out with.

It’s Okay To Ask Questions About Their Lives

Wouldn’t you like it when someone asked you about what you do, what you like and dislike? Paid sex is a really compelling subject and you want to know more about how she does it is completely understandable. If you’re curious about something, then go for it! Even if you have some negative preconceived notions. She’ll just put them in place as a worst-case scenario.

She Worked At Other Jobs Before

Most sex workers have a track record of working at other places besides a sex bar. They might have been waitresses or worked at numerous other jobs for minimum wage. It took them a short while to figure out that sex work paid 5 times better.

It’s easy to think that sex workers are runaways or girls desperate money. While there are definitely some who think that they have nothing else to offer the world but their bodies. In reality, a great deal of them is actually confident women. You don’t have to pick their brain to find out if her job is emotionally stable or not. It’s just a job just like any other job. She copes with it on a hard day and moves on to collect her pay at the end of the month, just like you do.

Just Relax

You don’t have to be too careful about every sentence that leaves your mouth. She won’t get mad if you say something about prostitution. She has faced plenty of judgments and she is well aware that people have different opinions. Unless you’re intentionally offensive, she won’t take it personally. You’re not guilty for having a different view about her job.

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Use Encouraging Gestures and Ask Encouraging Questions

If you don’t know what to say, it’s time to use the old pick up trick. Women love to talk about themselves and so does any other person on this planet.  If you don’t know what the hell she’s talking about or why she makes the face she does, just nod like you understand.  You might get confused and not know whether she’s excited or upset about whatever happened. Just ask her to tell her more about herself and nod encouragingly. Listen to her long monologue and she’ll feel like she is being understood. Whether that’s true or not, one thing matters the most. You gave her the most valuable thing you can give. Your full attention.

Understand That Everyone Complains About Their Job

If you hear a sex worker complain about her job, it isn’t because she feels broken or stuck. Remember that everyone is bitching about their job at some point. Maybe she had to work with a client she hates, or one of her apps got her frustrated or someone was late. Whatever the case, assume that she is OK. She’s talking about these things as a way to process these emotions and get it out of her system.


Once you learn these few basic things about sex workers and know a bit more about who they are, you’ll just see them as regular people. They have a job just like you do and aren’t behaving much differently than any of your other friends. Just let go and accept them and remember to have a good time while you’re in their company.

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