How a Guy is Affected By Losing His Virginity Late and How To Help

How a Guy is Affected By Losing His Virginity Late and How To Help

Rushing into one sexual experience after another makes you miss the point sometimes.

You probably have at least one friend who has never had sex and he’s already in his 20s. He’s probably anxious around girls and would rather stay home on a Friday night. It’s not that he’s not interested in girls, he’s just shy. Guys like this might have been overlooked because of their appearance or for being socially awkward. Soon enough, they’re 22 years old with no sexual experience at all.

It’s only natural that they feel like they’re missing out. You know how frustrating it is when one of your friends talk about what a good lay he had when you didn’t have sex for 2 months. For them, this situation launches them into an existential crisis. They soon realize that they want to change their situation and it often comes with a sudden shift. It becomes unbearable to think about that they might stay virgins for the rest of their lives. Being a virgin also makes building a relationship harder in the 21st century. When the feeling of missing out on something awesome pushes these guys hard, they come up with the same resolve.

Their Solution

When they think that they were missing out on too much in their young years, these guys do the most reasonable thing. Try to get laid with as many girls as possible in as little time as possible. They go pretty hard on trying to get laid and it goes with plenty of effort.

A guy called Raphael posted his experience online. He lost his virginity with his girlfriend at the age of 20. Although that is still okay, he broke up with his girlfriend at the age of 26. The fact that he didn’t have sex with more than one girl really bothered him. He became miserable with the thought that he wasted his youth with not having all the sex he could. So he embarked on his journey to fuck as many girls as possible.

Raphael took the time to read a lot about dating and invested quite a bit of energy into making things happen. After having sex with the 26th girl he lost count. He got from zero to hero pretty fast, but also made himself a $7000 credit card debt. Buying new clothes, taking girls to dinners and everything else he thought was necessary cost him a lot. At the end, though he had all the sex he wanted, he felt empty. Raphael realized that he was just racking numbers and he didn’t care about anything else. He soon shifted his focus to making sure that sex he has is pleasurable for both parties.

Other Problems With Starting Late

The fact that you’ll be lacking experience if you don’t have sex at a young age is enough to weigh you down. But losing your virginity at an old age causes other problems as well. A 2008 study has shown that those who have delayed their sexual activity have other mental health risks. It has a strong effect on the development of emotional, interpersonal and cognitive skills. Being a virgin also smashes a guy’s self-esteem and often makes his way to shy to approach women.

Sometimes, actually losing your virginity will be the trigger to going out and trying to have sex as often as possible. Some guys realize how much they were missing out on. They feel that they have wasted their younger years by not having sex. They start on a journey to make up for lost experiences and to patch up their self-esteem.

A Great Solution To The Problem

Opening up and starting to date would be a more than proper way of gathering sexual experience. It’s what everyone actually craves for. It could definitely be hard because of the self-esteem issues coming from late virginity. So, guys have another alternative. They can just go to a brothel or hire a private sex worker to make it happen.

Quick Info: Losing your virginity in a sex bar actually has numerous benefits, I wrote all about them in this article:

It’s a surefire way to boost a guys self-confidence and make him feel like he knows what he’s doing. Some sex workers are quite proficient in first timers and would definitely teach the guy well. Maxim, a brothel in Vienna has plenty of girls who know how to handle virgins too. The place is filled with professional sex workers who have more than enough practice in helping guys loosen up.


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