Great Dating Advice To Help You Get Laid a Lot More

Great Dating Advice To Help You Get Laid a Lot More

Going to the sex bar is pretty easy. You’re bound to meet awesome women who are eager to give you a bang for your buck. It’s awesome all the way, but there is no challenge in it. Picking up girls in bars, at parties or at any other place is the real deal. It puts your confidence, courage and social skills to the test.

Yet no Casa Nova was successful with every girl they wanted to have sex with. In fact, they were masters of handling rejection as well. It’s just an inherent part of the game. But getting rejected too many times will eventually make you unsatisfied with the results of your trials. That’s when you’re looking for answers on how to improve your dating game. I have something that will help you do just that. Although it isn’t everything, by these five pieces of advice, you’ll up your dating game to the next level.

Forget All Your Expectations

Expectations are the root of our suffering. They make us suffer the most, especially if we set unrealistic ones. They also ruin our experience, because they don’t let us enjoy the moment the way it is. Being filled with expectations towards girls and yourself certainly doesn’t help, so let go of them. Don’t expect women to throw their panties at you at first sight or yourself to get such a reaction out of them. Instead, start from zero and build things up from the bottom step by step.

Don’t ever psyche yourself and your friends that you’ll be getting laid tonight because that just sets you up for disappointment. Just let go instead. Let what has to happen, happen. Let yourself be the way you are and the girls the way they are. This allows you to become laid back and chilled enough to not worry about what the outcome of your night will be. It will make you happy for every bit of attention and positive response you get.

It’s Better To Say Goodbye Than Letting The Interaction Die

It’s always exciting to meet someone new and attractive. The initial excitement of the two of you meeting each other has to be elevated bit by bit as you converse. Otherwise, it can easily become stagnant and die out. Remember those awkward moments of silence you experienced in so many conversations? Well, you’ll want to avoid them, because having an awkward silence around for too long can easily kill the mood and the excitement altogether.

So, go deeper into the conversation the two of you are having. Seek to find more and more common ground and more that you can talk about. If it doesn’t seem to work and the mood just keeps dropping, saying goodbye and killing the interaction is your best move. It not only allows space for an upcoming interaction but if she really is into you, she’ll have a feeling of loss. It will prompt her to tell you to stay a bit longer. If not, she might just reach out to you later.

Never Apologize For Talking or Not Being Good Enough

It isn’t smart to start a conversation with an apology. Or to apologize for not being funny enough, or even for coming too fast. These are all in the package of who you are. Starting out with an apology would imply that you did something bad by being who you are. Sometimes even cheesy pickup lines work better if they are properly framed.

Always Work To Improve Your Game

Becoming better at your dating game involves stepping out of your comfort zone. In fact, that’s what most of it is all about. Even if you already have a method for picking up girls, it isn’t foolproof and there’s always room for improvement. If you know how to chat girls up then it’s time to be more physical in your approach. Walking up to her on the dancefloor, touching her on the shoulder and asking her a simple question is a good way to go about it. Ask her something like:

“Why are you wearing that funky hat? Is it your birthday today?”

“How is your night going so far?”
“What were those two fighting about?”

Follow up with a couple of comments, but don’t aim for a long conversation. Just ask her to join you on the dance floor. For some girls, that might be the first and only thing you’ll need to do. Just look into her eyes and see.


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