Get Ready To See Some Metal Booty In The Robot Strip Club

Get Ready To See Some Metal Booty In The Robot Strip Club

After driving cars and learning to talk, robots finally made their debut into the sex industry as well.

With robots gaining a truly legitimate existence on our planet, it’s only natural that they find their way to a variety of places. Although, I wouldn’t get too excited about robot strippers if I were you. Even though they have put on a great show in Las Vegas, they aren’t as sexy as you’d expect. They have surveillance cameras as their head and firm metal breasts. You’ll see the rest of their sexy hardware in the video.

A club called Shappire wanted to do something creative because Vegas’ famous customer electronic show was coming up. They wanted to attract some of the tech geeks who visited the convention and came up with the perfect idea. These sexy androids were a publicity stunt to get people to visit the strip club. It wasn’t an actual attempt to entertain guys with their ‘beauty’. The event attracted many tech enthusiasts, just out of sheer curiosity.

It was actually a show that even guys even women could enjoy without feeling like they were a part of a strip club. They could just have fun and watch the robots being goofy as they try to strip. Though they didn’t do much but move up and down and gyrate on the pool. There isn’t much to expect out of them yet. But if you’re going to Las Vegas, be sure to check out Sapphire and see if they still have the robots showing their metal booties. If not, the video will be plenty enough to help you get the feel of it.


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