Why We Know Female Promiscuity As Plain Sluttiness

Why We Know Female Promiscuity As Plain Sluttiness

Promiscuity is the habit of having casual sex with different partners, no strings attached.

It’s a characteristic well-appreciated in men, being able to bang lots of women without connecting with them emotional wise. However, when the table turns and the woman is the one being promiscuous, society doesn’t agree. Society sees these women as whores and treats them as such in this case.

Nowadays men and women have the same rights, but when it comes up about their sexual preferences they are viewed differently. Fetishes, BDSM and other unnatural desires are still considered by many taboos.

Women judged for “sexploring”

No one really talks highly about women who like to bang a different man every night. True, from a medical point of view, that’s not recommended. But not everyone is a doctor. People are judging promiscuous women way too harsh. When all they want to do is expand their sexual experience and knowledge. There’s really no harm in that.

Men on the other side can have all the pussies they want and no one really talks badly about them. The truth is that being promiscuous is a natural thing, “sexploring” is not a bad thing to do at all.

The only places where you don’t get judge

Quite frankly, people will always judge women that have a bigger sexual appetite. For these kind of women, there are some places where nobody judges nobody.

Sex bars, sex-clubs, nightclubs, places like these will never judge a girl for wanting more partners than what is considered “normal” by today’s society. While there are sex bar-girls in this job for the money, just like in any business, to succeed you must like doing your job. You must enjoy waking up in the morning for the next work day.

That’s why there are sex bar-girls that are way more appreciated than others, they love doing their job. Nonetheless, for those promiscuous girls, there are always sex bar to work in, places where no one will judge them. On the contrary, you’ll be applauded for doing a great job as a sex bar-girl.

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