The Reason Behind Men Faking Orgasms During Sex

The Reason Behind Men Faking Orgasms During Sex

Let’s face it, everyone here faked an orgasm at least once in their life. True, it’s harder for men, however, there are cases out there when men actually faked their orgasms.

Why would you fake an orgasm?

Turn yourself on

Women claim that by faking an orgasm they can turn themselves on even more. A faked orgasm doesn’t necessarily mean that the sex has to end. It means that she faked it to turn herself even more and to increase the passion for sex. Who knows, maybe hearing her cum may make you even harder than you already are.


Faking one for the “team”. Generally, they aim to not hurt the partner’s feelings or to make him/her feel insecure about their sexual performance. However, this can’t happen in a constant matter. Constantly faking orgasms and not having a proper discussion to sort what’s wrong may lead to a dull sex life with at least one partner not satisfied.

Sex has to end

There are moments sometimes when a partner already finished, but the other didn’t. Even though some might go through a lot of trouble to make sure everyone is pleased, there are some cases where faking an orgasm might be better.

If it ends, it gives you more time to relax and get ready for the second round of sex.

Bad consequences of faking orgasms

It’s common knowledge that conversation is key in a sexual relationship.  True, one night stands don’t count here. But in a long-term relationship faking an orgasm constantly can be highly destructive for the relationship itself. Sexual satisfaction is very important, for both women and men.

Actually, in recent researches, it was found out that women that have only casual sex are less likely to even have an orgasm than women in a serious relationship. This is because in a serious relationship it’s easier for women to feel more comfortable thus discussing whatever they felt was wrong during sex.

So, think twice before faking it because in time, you might even forget what an orgasm even feels like.


Orgasms in six bars

There are men wondering if sexbar girls are having real orgasms during their time together. There really is no answer to this question as it varies from client to client and from girl to girl. Maybe you got really lucky and ended up with a sexbar girl who’s really sexually compatible with you and the sex was amazing for both of you.

The truth is, the money you pay for sex it’s for her, and the pleasure it’s for you. So stop wondering if she had a true orgasm with you. If she did, that’s good for her. If she didn’t and she faked it, that shouldn’t affect you.

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