Why You Should Never Fall In Love With a Prostitute

Why You Should Never Fall In Love With a Prostitute

Don’t be attracted emotionally

If you decide to go to a sex bar in Vienna, you should avoid attracting to a girl emotionally. These places are mostly about sex and nothing more. Of course, it’s OK getting into the small talk with a girl in order to make a personal atmosphere but you should keep the distance.

Sex and emotions

The number one motivation of these girls is money and they are unlikely to want more than this. Mixing paying for sex with emotions is always very dangerous. Maybe some of the girls work in these Viennese sex bars because they are waiting for rich gentlemen to get into a lasting relationship with them. However, probably it’s because of monetary interests.

Why can it be a dilemma?

The main problem is so-called “real girlfriend experience” that often confuses clients. It’s an existing phenomenon, but the girls give it to you in order to get the costumes to come back for another such experience.. And a prostitute is always banged by many men. It’s too hard to imagine that a prostitute finds her real love in a sex bar in Vienna. Real life is not “Pretty Woman” starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. So you mustn’t walk into the trap.

Prostitutes sell their bodies for money. What is the guarantee if you fall in love with one of them, it will be a long-lasting relationship and she won’t go on pursuing her “profession” later?  And when she refuses to pay back your feelings it is just a big disappointment for you. If you can’t separate your feelings from sex you shouldn’t look for girls in sex bars.

Fortunately, it rarely happens that a client falls for a prostitute as in Viennese sex bars girls are well-trained.  Sometimes they must follow quite strict rules and know exactly how to behave with their clients. Therefore you will hardly find a prostitute who wants to be involved in a closer relationship with you.

What should you do for getting emotions?

Anyway if you are a romantic type of man and look for real love, you should date with ordinary ladies.  You will find real love with women who are away from the sex industry.


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